Our main aim is to assist service leavers by giving you totally free training regardless of your age, rank or entitlements. We would like to thank all of our partner companies for making this possible and helping to ensure that you, the service leaver, will have the best possible chance of gaining future employment by offering absolutely FREE training to gain civilian recognised qualifications.
With these free courses on offer all you need to do to qualify is simply email the company whose course you are interested in, please include £100k in the title along with information on when you joined service, when your exit date is, if you have had any other similar training and whether you are entitled to any resettlement or ELC funding? Each training provider will have their own dates for making the draw and announcing their winner(s). In most instances the winners will be notified by email, each company will have their own terms and conditions such as use by dates that they will be happy to inform you of.
There is no limit to how many courses you are eligible to apply for, however we do ask that you only enter once per course/company taking part in the campaign. You will see that there are courses available in most industries, if however there are particular courses you are interested in that we have not yet included then please call or email us and we will try to find something for you.
This campaign is only possible due to our advertisers so please do let them know your thoughts on our campaign. Our aim is to make next year’s campaign even bigger and better, so with your support in applying and spreading the word about these free courses, may well help next year’s campaign be in the region of £250,000 worth of free courses.
We aim to make Easy Resettlement magazine the best forces resettlement publication freely available, if there are any features or topics you would like to see more of please let us know. Good luck to you all, please remember these are free courses readily available to anyone regardless of your age, rank or other entitlements. There are lots of courses available so please inform any friends or family that may benefit from some free training.
Our website www.easyresettlement.com has a section where you will be able to view these courses all through 2014. Simply click on 100k partners to view the course information on offer from each company. You can also subscribe for free to receive each issue being sent to your email address.

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Bristol Management Centre

Bristol Management Centre has been providing dedicated Resettlement courses for military personnel for almost 40 years

From the very beginning our approach has been, first and foremost, to provide practical hands-on instruction and learning in order to give Service leavers the means to quickly acquire the knowledge and skills to convert their many years of management experience to suit the demands of the non-military world. Our instructors are all highly experienced practitioners drawn from the top levels of management, who can give you real-life insights into things you
really want to know about. This means that you hit the ground running when it comes to job interviews, as well as when you start in your new appointment. In addition you will acquire qualifications which will act as neon lights on your CV and, of course, qualify you to use ELCs to the best advantage. We are also a CTP Approved Provider which means that we can offer you a wide range of fantastic value packages which neatly fit the funding you have available. For further details, see our website or for your chance to win a free course through Easy Resettlement magazines £100,000 training give away, simply send us an email with when you joined service along with your expected exit date and please state which course you would like to win. We will be selecting winners throughout this campaign and will contact winners via email.

All Level 7 courses are residential. Residential costs are not included in the prices quoted here. All courses are offered in ELC-friendly combine packages.

There are no examinations as such in the core Programme, but during their attendance at BMC, delegates are able to complete the assignments for the course and thus achieve a Master’s Level qualification.

Bristol Management Centre is accredited to deliver qualifications on the UK Qualifications & Credit Framework (QCF) at Level 7 (MBA level) which thus makes
the Executive Management Programme eligible Enhanced Learning Credit support.

Other Courses run by BMC

• PRINCE2 – Project Management
• MSP – Programme Management
• MoR – Managing Risk
• Managing Change
• APMP – Project Management

call: 0117 949 1500

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The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport

Win one of ten CILT Drivers CPC courses with Easy Resettlements £100,000 training give away.

The Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (DCPC) is for professional LGV and PCV drivers throughout the UK. It has been developed in line with EU Directive 2003/59 and it is designed to improve the knowledge and skills of these drivers throughout their working life. 

The legislation is split into two parts:
• The initial qualification – this must be achieved by new LGV and new PCV Drivers as part of their Vocational Licence Acquisition
• Periodic training (DCPC) – the ongoing development of vocational drivers requires them to undertake a total of 35 hours of approved training, over a five year period and every subsequent five year period. The training may be undertaken as a block or as five separate modules of a minimum seven hours’ duration in a 24-hour period.


The seven-hour programmes are designed to up-skill drivers and provide them with information relevant to their own safety and welfare and a sound knowledge base of the key compliance issues.

The programmes available are:

• Safe and compliant Driver
• Accomplished Driver
• Proficient Driver
• Professional Driver

Each of these courses has been designed to build on the previous one developing drivers skills and also reminding them of their obligations both to their organisation and themselves.

• Customer service
• Safety/security of vehicle load
• Quiet deliveries at night
• Drivers’ hours, Analogue and Digital Tachograph
• Health, diet and fatigue management
• Pre/post-vehicle checks and documentation
• Route planning

Driver CPC training is a legal requirement for all vocational drivers. It is anticipated that both the driver and the operator will benefit from the programme, with the driver having a full appreciation of his or her role and how this fits with requirements of the Operator’s Licence.

Whether you are responsible for moving people or freight CILT can supply the right DCPC training for you.

Simply email us with your name, email address and exit date, along with any previous training you may have already done, also if you have any resettlement or elcas funding available to you? You will then be entered in to our draw to qualify for your chance of winning one of ten free courses.

Email: pd@ciltuk.org.uk or call: 01536 740100


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Perseus Risk Management LTD

Interested in a career in Close Protection? Then look no further... than Perseus Risk Management!

We at Perseus pride ourselves on providing well structured, up to date security training packages and operational services delivered by personnel who have vast historical and current ground truth experience. This experience has been gained through operating at both the very tip of the spear and at the strategic planning level, across the worlds many permissive and non-permissive environments. Our experience has seen us provide cross-spectrum risk consultancy and close protection to high-value clients, including; ministers, diplomats, high-ranking US military commanders, engineers, businessmen, celebrities and high-profile sportsmen.

The Perseus graduate will know that they have received training imparted by the best and operationally up to date instructors and consultants within the security sector, who understand exactly what is required to assess, advise and deliver the appropriate level of protection at all times by continuously conducting dynamic threat assessments. Our considerable personal experience and expertise has enabled us to mitigate evaluations, and implement rapid direct protective action, which has successfully averted life-threatening situations.

We at Perseus ensure that all of our graduates are fully prepared to embark upon their new career in any given situation and threat level. Our unique customised CP Elite4 course in multi-environment CP operations is the ONLY course on the training circuit that delivers a Level 4 ‘Professional Award’ in Hostile Environment Close Protection Operations, along with the industry standard Level 3 (SIA) CP qualification. 90% of the service leaver graduates from the CP Elite4 course are now in quality employment with respected private security companies as a direct result of training with Perseus. We are proud to be a part of Easy Resettlement magazines £100,000 training give away, that is why we are offering the above course as a prize to one lucky winner. Simply send us an email with your contact details, along with when you joined and when is your exit date, if you have any resettlement or ELC funding available to you and if you have carried out any previous training. You will then automatically be entered in to the draw and we will notify the winner by email.

Email: info@perseusrisk.com or call: 0203 358 0222


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For the armed forces, preparing for a career in the airline industry.

You can start studying for your Part-66 Licence any time before you leave the armed forces. In fact, the sooner the better. At Total Training Support, via our club66pro.com study portal, we have put together a special two year flexible distance learning study programme for armed forces personnel and others with unpredictable lifestyles and work/travel commitments. 

We understand that the armed forces personnel have different study requirements, compared to most civilians. Firstly, you have probably got a dozen (or many more) years’ of experience in aircraft maintenance with either the RAF or Fleet Air Arm, or Army, and have completed plenty of classroom training in aircraft maintenance, delivered to you by highly competent and qualified instructors, and you know the systems of your aircraft like the back of your hand. Consequently, you will be expected to “fast-track” through the EASA modules in a period of two years, or less, instead of the usual five years or more (up to ten years allowed), that, for example, a civilian 16-yearold apprentice may require.

A certain “honing” of your knowledge is required, to adapt it to the (some would say ‘peculiar’) civilian ways, and to the CAA examination question philosophies. Self-study is the most efficient way to switch your forces qualifications, and distance learning is the most appropriate for your work commitments. That is where we come in, with our two year continuous Platinum Flexible Study Programme, which comes with assistance from qualified civilian instructors via the Tutorial Support service. You also have the option of the fully inclusive Study Notes in Hard Copy as well as the online flip-book viewer.

Secondly, we understand the unpredictability of armed forces life. Although your Postings Officer will no doubt try to make your final years in the forces as stable as possible, to allow you to attend resettlement courses, or get down to some serious self-study for a civilian qualification (in our case, the EASA Part-66 basic licence), the commitments of today’s armed forces often means that you are posted to active duties overseas, where studying is a practical impossibility. For this reason, our two year Study Programme has the additional flexibility of being able to be suspended (or put “on-hold”), until such a time that you return to a more stable period, and are able to resume your studies. The two year Study Programme, is two years of truly active study, although the total elapsed time this may consume, is practically unlimited.

A FREE Platinum II membership to give away.

Our highest level study package is the Platinum II membership. It is a two year study programme which allows access to all Modular subjects at any time (subject to any two being accessed at one time). It is accompanied by a full set of Hard Copy Study Notes – one study manual for each Module applicable to the Licence Category being studied.

In conjunction with Easy Resettlement magazine, we are giving away one of these Platinum II packages (with Hard Copy study notes) to a member of the armed services who is leaving the Service any time within the next three years.

All you have to do is go to the club66pro.com website and click the FREE DRAW banner on the left of the homepage, fill the short form and click Send. The draw will take place on October 31st, 2014. If you are the lucky winner, you will be invited to register for free at club66pro.com where you can start your two year study programme and start passing the CAA exams as soon as you are ready.

Email: admin@club66pro.com or call: 07734 172 223


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Wise Global Training LTD

Online NEBOSH NGC Course Giveaway!

Wise Global Training is happy to donate a number of our NEBOSH National General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety (NGC) eLearning courses. This online course is designed to help you attain the NEBOSH NGC qualification and could be a great step towards a career in health and safety. 

When looking to start a career in health and safety, the minimum qualification companies look for is the NEBOSH NGC. This qualification, along with your current skill set could lead to a new job or career in consulting.

Although there are several books and resources we can recommend for external study, the course is designed so it covers the entire NEBOSH NGC syllabus.

The course covers management of health and safety, controlling workplace hazards and a health and safety practical application.

So…what’s included in this fantastic offer? You will receive two years access to our NEBOSH NGC online course. The course is entirely online and is available to you 24/7. You can study at your own pace and around your own busy schedule. You can expect to spend around 80 hours of online study time but this is predicated on your learning style so don’t worry if it take you longer! You are also expected to spend about 50 hours of ‘off line’ study time. This includes revision and gathering additional knowledge.

With this access, you will also have full tutor support! What this means is that if you get stuck with a question or need some clarification on something you just read, you have a professional there to help.

There is an exam process you have to go through in order to gain your new qualification. NEBOSH exams are held four times per year. We hold our exam in Hull, the 2017 City of Culture winner. You aren’t required to take your exam with us and if you don’t, we can help you find an exam centre that close to you. The NEBOSH exam process consists of three units. Two of the units require you to come into an exam centre and sit a two hour exam. This is held on the same day. The third unit is a practical in which you complete a risk assessment of your workplace (if you don’t have one, we can give you some additional ideas) and a management report. Once you pass all three parts, you are awarded your parchment.

Exam fees are not included in the course giveaway. You are responsible for the exam fees. Exam fees are £107 if you sit your exams with us in Hull. If you sit as an ‘external student’ at any other exam facility, you will be charged an additional fee that is set by that particular exam provider.

All you need to do is be able to say you are currently in the military or are ex-military and go to the webpage listed below and fill in the entry form. http://wiselnx.co/freecourse

You will be notified once a winner has been drawn. Please understand we can’t transfer this course to anybody else. This is for your benefit only. If for some reason you are unable to claim your prize, just let us know so we can pick another lucky winner. Even if you don’t win, you can use the ELCAS system to fund your NEBOSH courses with us.

Email: info@wiseglobaltraining.com or call: 01482 211989


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Cerco IT Ltd

What makes Cerco IT unique?

Cerco is an IT Recruitment Company that doesn’t insist that its candidates have at least two years IT Industry experience, nor do we insist that all our candidates have IT Industry recognised qualifications such as Comptia, Cisco or Microsoft… 

Because that’s not what OUR customers necessarily want from their workforce.

Our customers need to know that any IT engineer working for them can do the job technically, efficiently and with a smile on their face!

For nearly 25 years Cerco has been supplying the Industry with newly trained engineers that have undertaken an intensive vocational training programme designed to ensure they have the capability to perform any task asked of them.

Prior to being trained each candidate is evaluated by our experienced Cerco management, to ensure that they have the right attitude, desire and interpersonal skills to make them stand out from the rest. This stringent evaluation includes technical testing and a personal interview.

Although our training is FREE it doesn’t mean it has no value, on the contrary because it is FREE, What makes Cerco IT unique? we can be more selective as to whom we train and our Customers benefit from the quality of the Contractor we place with them!

As a recruitment company, we make money when our candidates make money [we pay our trained engineers full market rate whilst on contract] and therefore it is imperative we only take people on to our programme who we can place into work with confidence; thus enhancing our reputation amongst our customer base.

Not only do we help people break into the IT Industry, we also help them progress in the IT Industry…

Once a candidate has completed six months worth of assignment with us, they become eligible for another FREE training course, Comptia Network+ and Server+ (after 12 months). We know that by doing this, our candidates will progress their career and in time hopefully help others break into the industry as they themselves become the future employers… simple, the cycle completes!

This is what makes Cerco IT Unique!

Email: info@cercoit.co.uk or call: 01270 219 760


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UCP Group

UCP Group of Companies need no introduction

UCP UK is the group training division and industry leader in high threat security training, programme writers for Hostile Environment Close Protection Officers (HECPO), Subject Matter Experts (SME) as well as the authors of the 22 day Basic Executive Close Protection Programme (ECPO).

UCP UK wrote the only HAB C International Awarding Body for Compliance endorsed level 3 Firearms Training for Hostile Environment Close Protection Officers.

UCP UK is a British company with a diverse directorship from former 22 SAS, SF, EOD (Explosives Ordinance and Detonations) Specialist Unit, Air Assault Units and Commercial VIP Protection veterans with over 30 years of proven Close Protection experience.

UCP Group have over ten offices and training centres globally and have sanctioned Worldwide Security Operatives Ltd, an operational company that is part of the UCP Group created to manage and assist UCP students in obtaining experience and employment within the Executive and Hostile Protection Operational theatre, UCP Group have trained approximately 10% of all industries CPOs with many success stories wherein students having progressing careers within the security sector.

The UCP Close Protection level 3 Course is 240 guided learning and adheres to the guidelines set by the SIA which is 140 hours approximately, therefore the UCP course provides an additional 100 hours over the set minimum requirements and is beyond that provided by most other UK and worldwide security CP training companies; therefore giving UCP UK’s students the best possible foundation to get into the industry with minimal real time experience, in  addition to the services provided by the Worldwide Security Operatives arm of the UCP Group this course really is a world leader even without UCP’s extensive post and prior support.

About the free Easy Resettlement course giveaway
The selected applicant will receive the following;

The UCP Basic Package Qualifications and Awards
• 1 x Close Protection QCF Level 3 qualification
• 1 x Education and Training Level 3 Qualification
• 1 x First Person On Scene Intermediate Level 3

The UCP Advanced Packages and Maritime Packages are industry leading, designed and developed to get UCP students into employment as rapidly as possible by providing them with the correct qualifications and the highest standards of training.

UCP firearms level 3 is the only real calibre live firing course guided and developed for the Hostile Environment CPO, the level 3 in firearms training certificate is all you require for weapons competence and is the most up-to-date and  correct method of training for both Maritime and Land security.

Please visit our web-site for more information regarding the UCP brand of companies, training courses provided by UCP, testimonials and success stories of former students and current UCP Operatives, the UCP Facebook page, the extensive UCP photo gallery, dates and prices of future courses provided by UCP.

Email: criss@ucpgroup.co.uk or call: 01474 823 032


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PGI | Protection Group International

PGI Training know it can be difficult to consider working in a civilian role after leaving the Armed Forces, we’ve been there ourselves!

You may be unsure of which direction to take or what qualifications you need to break into your chosen sector. We can help you to transition into a new role  where you can continue to use the enormous amount of transferable skills you have already gained in the Armed Forces.

With this in mind PGI Training are delighted to be able to offer Easy Resettlement Magazine readers an amazing opportunity to win a free career propelling courses.

There is no other provider that encompasses all of the necessary qualifications in one over-arching course as PGI ’s unique 25 day MSO training.

Our course differentiates itself from any other course due to our instructors’ vast experience in the Maritime industry.

This course offers an array of opportunities for students to enhance their skills in a varied range of qualifications.

Our comprehensive course gives the learner:
• City and Guilds level 3 (MSO) Maritime Security Officer
• MCA (SSO) Ship Security Officer
• RYA Radar
• Edexcel (FPOSI) First Person on Scene Intermediate with advanced skills
• MCA Medical First Aid onboard ship
• ILM Post Incident Forensic Management
• MCA STCW 95 Firefighting

Further to the recognised and accredited qualifications, PGI are the preferred provider of training to a multitude of Private Maritime Security Companies and understand the need for  some of the softer skills required. As a result we also conduct a CV writing seminar and assist where possible in gaining newly qualified MSO ’s employment in the industry.

The PGI Level 5 Ofqual City and Guilds SR MC course is an accredited Professional Recognition Award which is mapped specifically to the security industry. This intensive course will ensure all candidates will gain the necessary skills and competencies in:

• Establishing Security context to mitigate risk
• Country Risk Analysis
• Physical security and Journey Management
• Security Planning and Report Writing
• Business Communications
• Crisis and disaster management
• Fraud, Corruption and Human Rights
• Investigating crime at work
• Security Project Management

This highly respected qualification includes leading industry and business guest speakers.

Our SRMC course will give the learner:
• Qualification – City & Guilds Professional Recognition Award Level 5 (Security & Risk Management Consultants)
• Post Nominals – City & Guilds Affiliateship (Security & Risk Management Consultants), AfCGI
• Graduation Ceremony – Invited to attend an annual graduation ceremony

Whichever course you choose it will give you the competitive edge you need to stand out in the job market, along with the confidence to thrive within a new role.

Our dedicated resettlement team are recruited exclusively from the Armed Forces, so they understand how daunting it is to leave the Armed Forces. They will help you find a way to transfer your skills into a new role, and also give you free and impartial advice about who is recruiting and which sectors best suit your skills and experience.

We are proud to be a part of Easy Resettlement Magazine’s £100K training giveaway and we are excited to be able to offer the two courses above as a price to two lucky winners.

Just send us your full name, email address, contact telephone number along with service your belong to, your joining and exit date and if you are entitled to any ELC or Resettlement funding.

You will then be automatically entered into the prize draw and we will notify the winner by email.

Email: info@pgitraining.com or call: 01884 849460


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BIFM Training

Win a ‘BIFM Level 3 Award in Facilities Management’ course worth over 1,700

From BIFM Training (Quadrilect Ltd) – the official training arm of the British Institute of Facilities Management (BIFM) and a leading provider of BIFM qualifications at levels 3 to 6.

Your experience in the Forces will have equipped you with wide range of diversified skills which fit neatly with a career in facilities management, which is why we’ve teamed up with Easy Resettlement’s £100,000 Training Giveaway to give one lucky reader a free BIFM level 3 Award course commencing in 2015 – worth over £1,700.

Ideal for new entrants or those with less than two to three years experience in an FM role, this qualification is designed to develop your understanding and knowledge of the industry. You will receive three days tuition at the BIFM Training flagship foundation programme “Understanding FM” in Central London or Edinburgh complete with two nights’ full board on-site accommodation at one of our 4* hotel venues, plus a personal tutor for added support. You will also

The Understanding FM tuition course
Now in its 23rd year, generations of FMs have attended Understanding FM to launch of further their careers, and with an unparalleled reputation both in the UK and overseas, it has long been considered a de facto recognised standard in FM training. Offering a sound introduction to the FM profession, the programme provides a solid base for your development before intermediate and advanced level training. The included site visit provides an invaluable insight into how a commercial FM operation runs in practice, plus you’ll also be  networking with FM professionals already working in a wide range of commercial working environments. At the end of the tuition, you’ll receive a BIFM certificate of completion which contributes towards your record of CPD [Continuing Professional Development].

With further recommended reading and the support of a personal tutor, you will be required to complete two post-course assignments for units FM3.01 ‘Introduction to Facilities Management’ and FM3.03 ‘Customer and Stakeholder Relations in FM’. You can contact your tutor by email with any questions, and have the opportunity to submit up to two draft assignments before final submission.

Estimated duration
Before you start we’ll schedule a personal study plan with proposed assessment dates for your approval, and most learners achieve this qualification within three months. You do however have up to two years to complete the qualification meaning there’s plenty of flexibility if you have other commitments to work around.

How to enter
To request available course dates and enter, please send an email titled ‘Easy Resettlement Training Giveaway’ to info@bifm-training.co.uk and we will notify the winner by email in Jan 2015. When a course date has been agreed this is not transferable and will be forfeited in the event of non-attendance or cancellation by the winner. We reserve the right to change the course date and venue.

Please note we are an ELCAS approved provider so in the event that you do not win, you can still use the ELC system to fund others courses with us. BIFM Training (Quadrilect Ltd) www.bifm-training.com.

Email: info@bifm-training.co.uk or call: 020 7404 4440


HR Security

Founded by Matt Hellyer and Mark Reid, HR Security’s mission is to provide the best quality training both for service leavers and those already operating within the private security industry.

Our staff are predominantly former UK Special Forces, with over 50 years’ operational experience between them.
All our personnel have been carefully selected to ensure they have the appropriate operational backgrounds and qualifications to effectively teach close protection, surveillance and firearms skills.

Our comprehensive and highly regarded courses have a market-leading instructor-to-student ratio. They provide students with the high level of professional expertise and continuity of training that will prove invaluable in their future roles.

Modern day Close Protection Officers need to be capable of operating in a multitude of diverse environments from remote hostile environments through to corporate and executive settings, each of which will present unique challenges and we have developed our Close Protection Training Course with this in mind HR Security Ltd follows the National Occupational Standards for Close Protection. These feed into the SIA core competencies that our organisation delivers. HR Security Ltd training provides 150 guided learning hours, which are split between two Modules, CP and Conflict Management. All senior staff and instructors are former Special Air Service (SAS) operatives with over 50 years combined operational experience. Roles and Responsibilities of the Close Protection Operative include Threat and Risk Assessment, Surveillance Awareness, Operational Planning, Law and Legislation, Interpersonal Skills, Close Protection Teamwork and Briefing, Reconnaissance, Walking Drills, Route Selection, Close Protection Journey Management, Search Procedures, Incident Management and Venue Security.

Conducted at our facility in Bath in the south west of England, our 16-day course involves both theoretical and practical training. We thoroughly cover everything from the entry-level basics all the way through to high-level procedures such as physical intervention, first aid and trauma management – competencies that are considered essential by employers in the commercial sector. By passing our course, you’ll gain an SIA-accredited Certificate in Close Protection, as well as the HABC Level 3 Certificate in Close Protection.

The HR Security Close Protection Course has been approved by the MoD for Enhanced Learning Credits (ELC) funding. If you are a service leaver, or have left the services within the last ten years you may be eligible to apply or for your chance to win a FREE course simply send an email to mark@ hrsecurity.co.uk stating when you joined and when you are leaving service. We will then notify the winner who will be invited to attend the course with us for free as part of Easy Resettlement magazines £100,000 training give away.

Email: info@hrsecurity.co.uk or call: 01225 904680


Ambrey Risk

Ambrey Risk is the leading international private maritime security company, providing a range of security services and training to international private security and the oil and gas sector.

Our growth has been rapid and we currently have an ever expanding number of Head Office employees based in Herefordshire and hundreds of ex military contractors. In addition to our HQ in Herefordshire, we have further offices in Dubai, India, Germany, Korea, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Ambrey’s core team is drawn from all sectors of H M Forces and we work tirelessly to attract and retain the best people to deliver our services. We provide continual professional development for our contractors with opportunities for promotion, flexible work patterns, excellent remuneration and international travel.

Our principal service is the provision of protection teams in support of vessels transiting through the ‘High Risk Areas of the Red Sea, Gulf of Aden, Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea and off the coasts of East and West Africa. Since inception at the end of 2010, Ambrey have conducted over 1500 transits and service a client base of blue chip ship owners, managers and major charters in excess of 100 strong and rapidly growing.

Ambrey is one of a handful of companies that have been awarded the recently introduced ISO 28007, a quality management system that delivers guidelines for private maritime security companies providing armed security personnel on board ships. This certificate is increasingly becoming a compulsory requirement for private maritime security companies who wish to contract with blue chip clients.

We are proud to be a part of Easy Resettlement’s £100,000 training give away and are offering a free training course up to the value of £1,800. Simply send in an email to us stating when you joined service and when you are leaving along with the course that you are interested in and your contact details. We will then notify the winner in early 2016.

Email: training@ambreyrisk.com or call: 0203 503 0340


Discovery Learning

Discovery Learning specialise in providing fitness and nutrition training courses and are taking part in the 2015 £100,000 training giveaway!

Discovery Learning offers a wide variety of courses within the fitness industry allowing people to start a career from scratch or up skill in areas they are interested in. To take part and be in with a chance to win a free course enter your contact details, your exit dates and funding entitlement. You can choose a course that you want to complete up to the value of £1,800.


Our Personal Trainer packages are flexible and can be completed at a time that suits you either full time of part time. We also give you the opportunity to specialise in different areas with our L3 and L4 Master PT qualifications, here you can create a niche for yourselves with our L3 Sports Massage Therapy qualification for example or our L3 Pilates or Yoga or perhaps a L4 Obesity and Diabetes management course; whichever route you are interested in, we can help.

Our learning approach is varied and flexible, we run full time, part time and online courses. We also offer free transfers and 0% interest on payments for all ELCAS students.

Our full time courses are Monday – Friday 9am-5pm and are intensive, but the quickest route to the industry.

Our part time courses are blended learning so comprise home study then practical attendance days.

Depending on which venue you choose, these attendance days may be at the weekend or during the weekday.

Our online courses can be completed as stand alone and all work is submitted and completed electronically. If a combination of this is more suitable then we can accommodate that too, along with which venues are chosen to attend. All you need to do is discuss your preferred option with our sales team and they can plan everything for you.

• Level 2 Gym Instructor
• Level 2 Exercise to Music
• Level 2 Children’s Fitness
• Level 3 Strength & Sports Conditioning
• Level 3 Personal Training
• Level 3 Pilates instructor
• Level 3 Exercise Referral
• Level 3 Sports Massage Therapy
• Level 3 Pre and Post Natal
• Level 4 Obesity & Diabetes Management
• Level 4 Lower back Pain • Mixed Martial Arts
• Suspension Training
• Spinning Instructor
• Childhood Obesity
• Circuit Training
• Kettlebell Instructor
• Core Strength & stability • Strength & Conditioning • Sports Nutrition

Visit: www.discovery.uk.com, Email: info@discovery.uk.com or call: 0208 543 1017


Fordham, Institute of International Humanitarian Affairs

The Institute of International Humanitarian Affairs (IIHA) was created at Fordham University in December 2001 to forge partnerships with relief organizations, offer rigorous academic and training courses at the graduate and undergraduate level, host symposia, and publish books relating to humanitarian affairs.

The IIHA is a leading training organization that specializes in humanitarian affairs. Our global list of courses offerings facilitates flexible yet academically rigorous training options for aid workers of varying levels of experience. With the creation of a graduate Masters and undergraduate Minor and Major degree programmes, we provide an academic base for the study and development of international health, human rights, disaster management, and other humanitarian issues, especially those that occur in periods of crisis and conflict.

Courses range from one to four weeks and can be taken as stand-alone training courses in subjects of importance to the participants, or in pursuit of Fordham’s Masters in International Humanitarian Action (MIHA).

• Strategic Issues in Humanitarian Affairs (April 20th-24th; London)
• Disaster Management Training Course (April 27th-May 1st; London)
• Humanitarian Negotiators Training Course (May 4th-8th, Barcelona)
• Humanitarian Logistics (May 11th-15th; Barcelona)
• International Diploma in Humanitarian Assistance (May 31st- June 27th; New York)

The IIHA encourages all interested applicants to review the available courses and apply on the IIHA website by visiting the respective course pages listed on the Course Calendar. For more information, including course fees and registration procedures, please visit the IIHA website or contact us.

The Institute of International Humanitarian Affairs
(IIHA) Fordham University
33 W. 60th St., Suite 804,
New York, NY 10023.

Email: miha@fordham.edu or call: +1 212 636 6294