Moving Forward Into Logistics & Transport

What is Logistics?

Logistics is the procurement, maintenance, distribution, and replacement of personnel and material. The UK logistics sector is worth £74.45bn to the economy. It currently employs approximately 2.3 million people spanning some 196,000 companies.

Recruiting women into the profession still proves to be a difficult task. Logistics currently suffers from a misguided perception that it is a poor industry in which to develop a successful career path. This is far from the mark and it is an industry that welcomes former service personnel because of their transferable skills.

Information on the industry is readily available from a number of sources. The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) is the professional body that looks after the interest of the industry and provides information on career options, making job applications and the advantages of CILT membership. Visit for a further insight into the industry and opportunities.

Skills for Logistics is the Sector Skills Council, established by the Government, which works alongside companies involved in moving, handling or storing goods. The organisation’s job is to raise awareness of skills issues within the sector and to offer support and practical advice on all aspects of improving skills and training. More details are available on website

How do I get into it?

At a senior level a degree in a directly related subject such as logistics will give you an advantage, the industry is open to graduates of all backgrounds. Business degrees or similar can also be particularly relevant.

Logistics currently suffers from a misguided perception that it is a poor industry in which to develop a successful career path. There are many career opportunities available at a variety of levels within logistics which is a message that needs communicating to potential employees. And, of course if you have served in the forces there is a good chance you will already have some of the skills required and have your first foot on the ladder.

Finding a job or employer in this sector

There are a number of sources of information in addition to those described above and these include:

Careers in Logistics

The first UK website dedicated to logistics jobs and careers. The site also has information on training and funding.

Informa Maritime and Transport

You will find market-leading, essential information on key areas of transportation, freight, shipping movements, maritime insurance. Site is also the international exchange point for jobs in the maritime industry.

Jobs in Logistics and Transport

Job listings board from the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport.

Logistics Manager

This is a monthly magazine which provides news and resources, as well as job vacancies, for logistics professionals.

There is also a wealth of information and useful links from organisations such as the British International Freight Association, The Department of Transport, Freight Transport Association, The Road Haulage Association and the Institute of Operations Management. Most of these institutes also provide training facilities for the industry or information on qualifications and requirements.