Transferable Skills

They say that being an infantry man doesn’t give you many skills for a future life as a civilian. We all know that this isn’t true but one area where that is indisputable is close protection.

Perseus Risk Management is an MoD approved ELC training provider. The company prides itself on delivering well-structured, up to date security training packages delivered by personnel who have unsurpassed and current ‘ground truth’ experience.

This experience has been gained through operating both at the very tip of the spear and at the strategic planning level, across the world’s permissive and non-permissive environments. The company says it has unsurpassed experience in providing cross-spectrum risk consultancy and protection to high-value clients, including; Ministers, Diplomats, High-Ranking US Military Commanders, Engineers, Businessmen and Celebrities.

Training is provided at different levels but its prestigious Warwickshire based CP Elite 4 course is only open to ex-service personnel. It is a totally inclusive four week course which provides all the experience necessary to work in the close protection industry.

This has proven to be an invaluable arrangement, which to date, has seen well over 90 percent of students gain employment in hostile environments as a direct result, within three months of finishing the course, as positions become available.

Course participants earn the Industry standard CP and Medical qualifications, along with the unique Level 4 HECP Professional Award, over 28 days of intensive learning on one course at the Perseus academy.

Upon completion, each candidate will have earned:

BTEC Level 3 in Close Protection Operations enabling them to apply for the front line SIA Badge.
BTEC Level 4 “Professional Award” in Hostile Environment CP Operations (unique to Perseus). This customised course is the ONLY one of its kind to be accredited at Level 4 on the National Qualifications Framework on the Circuit today.
First Person On the Scene – Intermediate. (The recognised industry standard Medical qualification).

This course is unsurpassed on the circuit and when booked, candidates will receive a £650 discount as opposed to attending each course individually.

All successful candidates will have interviews arranged for them with the HR Manager’s of respected Private Security Company’s (PSC’s) upon course completion. The interviews usually take place at our academy, dependent on the availability of the respective HR Managers. All successful candidates will have interviews arranged for them with the HR Managers of respected Private Security Companies (PSC’s) upon course completion. The interviews usually take place at our academy, dependent on the availability of the respective HR Managers.

Further information is available on website Alternatively Telephone: +44 (0) 203 358 0222 or +44 (0) 781 542 3499, Email:

In order to obtain an SIA licence you will need to show that you are trained to the right level. This applies to front-line staff only. To get one of the qualifications linked to close protection licensing you will need to attend and take two training modules and take and pass an exam. The training should take 138 hours.

Wilplan Training, have been supporting those military personnel looking to make the transition into a civilian role within the security industry for almost ten years.

They provide a range of courses including close protection, advanced driving, firearms, maritime security, surveillance and medical qualifications including industry specific FPOSi, MIRA and REMIT.

The company are based in Lancashire and are fully approved by both ELCAS and CTP. Over the years they have tailored much their security training to meet the requirements of service leavers. They operate from their own dedicated and fully equipped training centre where they also offer free open days on a regular basis. As many service personnel travel from all over the UK to train with Wilplan they also offer hotel accommodation which meets the new standards set by the MoD for those who are training as part of their resettlement phase.

Richard Price of Colchester, a former WO1 in the Royal Horse Artillery, left the Army at the end of his service with many qualifications in leadership and management. Although he was discharged a year ago he still regards himself as very much in a period of resettlement despite having successfully secured contracts in both Close Protection and Maritime. He initially attended the BTEC Level 3 Award in Close Protection Operations with the BTEC Level 2 Award in FPOSi since the Wilplan Close Protection courses are fully comprehensive training packages designed not only to meet statutory requirements for the Security Industry Authority (SIA) licence but will also equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to work successfully within this demanding industry. Richard Price was impressed with the courses. He concluded: “The courses were very well structured. Objectives were clear as were the standards that had to be achieved. The knowledge and professionalism of the instructors and the administrative team at Wilplan was exceptional.” The company have received many similar comments over the years from other satisfied students. Speaking on behalf of Wilplan, Managing Director Gary Williams explains: “We have an incredible team of instructors who are from a variety of backgrounds with their own areas of expertise. There is an assumption that everyone who leaves the military wants to move straight into Hostile Environment. Whilst our courses will more than equip you for that, and many of our service leavers do work on that type of contract, it also covers other areas of the industry that can be just as rewarding and lucrative. Even if you start off in Hostile Environment if another opportunity presents itself further down the line you want to ensure you’re trained for that too. It’s one of the reasons our packages are so flexible. We have optional Firearms, Maritime Security or Advanced Driving qualifications available with all our Close Protection courses. Wilplan have been training now almost ten years so we are well known on the circuit for producing well trained Close Protection, Maritime Security and Surveillance operatives. Lots of our students find themselves working on contracts with other Wilplan students and it’s always great to hear their success stories.

Another specialist training organisation with wide experience of providing training in the security sector is Akuro who have stated; “Over the past couple of years the education and training industry has changed dramatically and has seen the need for greater diversity and flexibility. With changes to government funding, the need to meet Ofsted criteria and the adaptability of the Qualifications and Credit Framework, it has never been a better time for service leavers to enter the training industry with a range of highly sort after qualifications and the knowledge and understanding to apply current theories of teaching and training.

Established in 2005, Akuro Limited is a market leader in the provision of education and training in security qualifications, teacher/assessor training and first aid.  Akuro’s training courses are tailored to meet the individual needs of learners with differentiated learning strategies that ensure high levels of achievement.  With an ex-military training team that is dedicated, specialised and experienced in the areas they teach, learners attending our courses not only gain the required qualifications for employment, but the knowledge and understanding to use their newly gained skills effectively.  Akuro strives to promote an enjoyable, professional and learner centred environment, where success come naturally, an ethos that has seen 98% success rate in learner achievement and job outcomes.

Akuro’s current suit of courses offers a range of qualifications with freelance and full time employment opportunities. Whether you are looking to teach in a college or private training provider, the qualifications below will offer you not just the opportunity to deliver qualifications, but offer potential employers a partnership with full centre accreditation and certification direct claim status.

Akuro is a preferred provider of the Career Transition Partnership and the Enhanced Credit Learning Scheme, and have been advising forces personnel on their best route to maximize available funding and career potential. Akuro is in partnership with two mainstream FE Colleges and have access to Skills Funding Agency funding and further education and training opportunities.”

For more information on available courses, funding or job opportunities, please visit our website: or call a member of our team on 01377 257222.