Motoring ahead in your career

Most service personnel can drive and have had some sort of advanced driver training. Add this to the transferable leadership and instructing skills gained during service and clearly a career as a driving instructor becomes an obvious choice.

Clearway School of Motoring based in Stockton has worked hard to become a registered trainer for the MoD under the ELC (Enhanced Learning Credit) scheme and is recognised by the Careers Transition Partnership. This allows serving personnel and service leavers who have been out of the forces for less than ten years, to have a portion of your fees paid for by the MoD.

The company has two types of courses available that are ideally suited to service leavers. The first is a standard course which will take you about four to six months depending on the individual’s availability for training. Clearway will train around your requirements during this period to help you achieve your goal of becoming a driving instructor.

The second course on offer is a fast track course which is spread over a five week period. This consists of three weeks training with a with a two week gap in between. The latter is ideal for serving personnel and those that are out of work with time on their hands. The course fees are the same for both courses.

At the end of the course and upon qualification a guaranteed job will be available for you in Clearway School of Motoring as an Instructor.

The Managing Director and former ex REME Staff Sgt. said: “Our aim is to ensure that the training we give is the highest you can receive. We do this through registration with the DSA (Driving Standards Agency) and being on the Official Register of Driving Instructor Trainers (ORDIT). This tells you that we have to train at a standard the DSA will accept, they ensure this by doing regular checks and inspections on our methods and standards of training.”

“When you have qualified we offer you a guaranteed job as an Instructor in Clearway School of Motoring. You do not have to accept this position as there are more options available such as starting your own school straight away. Most Instructors however work with us for a period of time to gain experience before going off and starting their own school.”

In addition to teaching to DSA standards, Clearway also meets all the requirements demanded by the MoD.

Becoming a Driving Instructor could be one of the most satisfying things you ever do. As well as earning up to £36,000 a year gross, you will also have the flexibility to choose the hours you work.

It gives you the opportunity to run your own business and to regulate your life as you wish. Driving Instructors can earn a good income depending on how much they charge and how many lessons they give. Average lesson prices vary between £18 to £21. This depends on the area you work in, as lessons in the North are normally cheaper than in the South. There are no restrictions on how many hours a week you work apart from those you put upon yourself.

To qualify for a job with Clearway all you have to do is pass your Theory Test and your Practical Driving Test. Course fees obviously apply for driving instructor training but no qualifications are needed. In addition, you must have held a full manual licence for more than four years, and be able to read a licence plate at 23.5mtrs. Use our dedicated business plan for individuals, and your route to being a successful driving Instructor can be a simple one.

Franchises with Clearway provide an inclusive package comprising liveried vehicle with replacements in the event of breakdown, vehicle insurance and maintenance, marketing support, supply of pupils, and ongoing career development training. Additionally, Clearway provides advice on setting up your own school, use of the Clearway brand, corporate clothing and regular business meetings. Importantly, unlike some other schools, there is no tie in.

Clearway has been in existence now for 15 years, has over 20 instructors, all of whom have come through the company’s own training course and provides driving lessons throughout the North East of England and of course we are very proud to support the Armed Forces.

If you are considering becoming a Driving Instructor, contact Clearway head office in Stockton on 01642 608942 or visit our website

Clearway has been in existence for over 15 years. It started originally in a small rented office in Redcar Station, it then progressed and grew following our decision to rent a larger office on Queen Street in Redcar. Over the years we grew the Training Centre and the Driving School to the point where we have now over 20 instructors working for us, all of which came through our training course and qualified, we are probably still the largest trainer of Driving Instructors in the area.