Iss Training ltd

Headed by a former Royal Marine. ISS Training Ltd are providers of specialist covert surveillance and intelligence training courses.

We are proud to be where we are in the commercial security sector’ states, Peter Jenkins, Director of ISS. ‘As the first company to offer accredited surveillance courses outside the Police and various Enforcement Agencies, we have grown in every respect since we first started teaching back in 1996. We now operate internationally for a variety of military, civil enforcement and corporate clients.’ In the past 12 months ISS have worked in the US, Canada, Mozambique, Sweden and the Czech Republic but much of their training takes place in Yorkshire or London. Peter is supported by an experienced team of instructors with backgrounds in UK & US Special Forces, the Security Service and the Police.

‘We get people from all walks of life on our ‘Open’ courses’, states Peter. ‘They could be practising private investigators, bodyguards, insurance investigators or corporate security teams from a major high street brand’. He adds, ‘We tend not to over fill our training courses with military people on resettlement, otherwise, they would have no one to network with. After all, these individuals are trying to get jobs in the industry so why not mix them with like minded people who are already in it’.

What does the surveillance operator or private investigator do? ‘The work varies, in a surveillance role; it could be operating in a team ‘following’ delivery drivers suspected of theft. It could be investigating suspected insurance fraud or copyright infringement’. It is big business at the moment.

‘After graduating on our course, you will require practice and experience to further your skills (as in any subject). We like to put students in touch with the companies that we talent  scout for in the hope of obtaining work. Once qualified, operators can work for themselves on the ‘Security Circuit’ or for a major investigation company. There are also other avenues in the security sector where your surveillance training will help you progress’.

‘For ISS it’s our reputable history. The biggest asset for any of our students to have is not so much the paper qualification that they go away with but the fact that they have been trained by a respected and trusted company, within this specialist industry.

I left the Royal Logistic Corps after 23 years as a Warrant Officer. I was already close protection trained and used my ELCAS allowance for this training. I was already familiar with surveillance as I worked with UKSF in an admin role but the course taught me what I needed to know to work on the commercial surveillance circuit. I now work mainly in London. I couldn’t fault the training course. Its practical content, the instructional team and facilities were first class.

The big change from the Army was learning how to conduct yourself in a civilian environment.

If we can offer any advice to service leavers, it would be to learn how to sell yourself. We have worked in the civilian sector for over 20 years and see job applications and CV’s all the  time.

A solider may have vast experience of operating in different theatres, many courses under his belt and plenty of qualifications but it means absolutely ‘zero’ if he or she is unable to produce a decent cover letter or a CV and then get it to the recruiters who make the decisions.

This would be the biggest downfall for any service leaver. To help them along, ISS have produced a free Job Seekers Guide which can be downloaded from their website. Further   information can be found at

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