Job Satisfaction, What Does It Mean To You?

For me, as the course advisor at Hove college, it means three things. it means enabling people to achieve their goals. meeting people of all ages, cultures and backgrounds, and most importantly it means witnessing their journey to career success. start to finish. 

One of the many people to study with us was Amy turner. A single mother-of-two, whose children had just started school, Amy was looking for a change, a new start after eight year break from the work world. in her words, “I was looking for a way forward when I first visited the college. I wanted to change my career, my life. Maybe go to university and do a degree. the support Iwould get from the staff was apparent from the very first day I visited. I knew this was where I could achieve my dreams.” Just like Amy, one of the main reasons students choose Hove College is due to the friendly supportive atmosphere.

Class sizes are small at Hove College, with no more than 12 students in each group. this small class size, coupled with high standard of teaching means that before long students are achieving results beyond their expectations.

Ex-student, ben Digby told us, “before I started my course with you, I was stuck. I had finished my degree at university but had little to no practical skills. I thought I would never make it. Six weeks in and i was already being approached to do some design jobs!”

All our tutors are practitioners in their field and are therefore ideally placed to ensure that learning is relevant to the real world. Practical skills are a vital part of the courses at Hove College, as statistically candidates who have practical skills as well as theoretical knowledge are three times more likely to get a job.“the teachers and practical tutorials create a perfect balance, making learning fun, yet professional,” according to tony vaz, who confidently entered the work force after studying a Diploma in six months at the college.

Amy came to see me a few weeks ago to tell me what she was up to. She is now working as a Creative Assistant, for a top design firm in brighton.

It is very fulfilling to witness individuals educational journey and watch them sucessfully get a job in their chosen field. to see first hand the overall impact of what we can do at Hove College. the knowledge that I have played some part in their path to this success is what makes my job satisfying.

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