“A Franchise opportunity should not involve unnecessary risks or complications for the Franchisee”, so says Don Waterworth, Founder of the TOP 100 Master Tradesman Directory.

Don continues by stating that, “many people purchasing a Franchise are lead to believe that the Franchise they are becoming involved with is simple to operate and make successful. However, often the opposite is true. Franchisees can be faced with a high initial investment, ongoing costs for specialist training, vehicle, monthly service costs, stock, etc. The Franchisee can be overwhelmed even before they start to attempt to make their business work”.

The TOP 100 Master Tradesman Directory (MTD) was formed in 2009 by Don Waterworth of Hanley Amos Stewart, Chartered Building Engineers, Building Surveyors and Expert Witnesses, who have over 25 years experience in private practice.

It was felt by Don that there was the need for a proper, professionally run Trade Association for quality tradesmen working in the residential sector. This was primarily due to the fact that Don Waterworth who formed the TOP 100 MTD register, was patently aware that most Trade Organisations within the residential construction sector, do not represent either the trades people nor indeed the consumer.

Indeed, many trade organisations do not incorporate a vetting system, therefore this allows any tradesman regardless of history or competency to become a member. It is simply (in most cases) a matter of the tradesman handing over ‘a cheque for a sticker’ for his / her van. “The TOP 100 MTD Franchise opportunity is most unique, in my opinion”, says Don Waterworth, and continues by saying, “We have always operated to a high professional standard in our practice and operate the Franchise in the same professional manner. We offer a fully transparent business model and make our Franchisee’s fully aware of all our costings and their level of investment and commitment, which, in my opinion, is quite unique. Hence we say, “this is a different kind of Franchise”.

The Franchise operates on a post-code area system and maintains the TOP 100 MTD exclusivity within an area by limiting the number of tradespeople members to 100. This gives the Franchisee a revenue of anywhere between £30 – £70,000.00 per post-code, say the TOP 100. The investment is below £15,000.00 and there are no monthly service charges. The TOP 100 MTD say that the Franchisee simply needs a  car, a phone and a desire to be successful. It is that simple!

“We have built and honed the TOP 100 MTD to the position today whereby we are the envy of the industry. There simply is no other trade organization in the residential construction sector which offers anything like the member and indeed consumer services that we offer”. “Our Franchise opportunity is uncomplicated and very easy to run, many are not.

Check out our website at www.mastertradesmanfranchise.com and come along to one of our informal coffee meetings in January. This could be the best start to the New Year that you have every had”.


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