Keeping Safe at Sea

With smuggling, piracy and other seaborne crimes increasing steadily maritime security is becoming ever more important for vessel owners, operators and shipping companies. And that is good news for service leavers interested in a future career in the security industry.

Companies in the industry are constantly seeking suitable personnel with the right qualifications and experience to handle all the difficult situations that are likely to occur at sea or while vessels are berthed.

Orchid Maritime is an independent, global risk consultancy practise specialising in Maritime Security and Training Solutions. The company helps ship and super yacht owners understand and manage the risks and opportunities of operating in complex or hostile environments. They support clients by providing strategic consultancy, expert analysis and in-depth investigations through to handling sensitive political issues and by providing practical assistance in armed transit protection and support. Orchid’s unique combination of services, its geographical reach and the trust its clients place in them, ensures they can help them effectively solve their problems. Working worldwide, Orchid Maritime provides a broad range of services to help all its clients manage political, integrity and security risk.

Extraordinary people work for Orchid Maritime. The company is proud of its diversity and the breadth of experience and world class skills which it brings to its work. They claim a unique dynamic in the business from working alongside members of its team who are passionate about human rights, geopolitics or providing protection to super yacht and commercial ship owners alike. The wealth of their backgrounds and perspectives, give Orchid the range of expertise required to tackle its clients’ most complex problems. Orchid is proud that its team is united behind the company values and commitment to providing clients with  the best possible consultancy and training services. With a wealth of knowledge and expertise, it draws upon experienced personnel from the UK Special Forces, Royal Marine Commandos and other specialist military units ensuring that they only employ the highest level of qualified personnel to meet client’s requirements.

Orchid Maritime has offices in the United Kingdom and Monaco. All contracts are individually managed ensuring that all potential risk is mitigated under international legislation. Orchid Maritime is a signatory of the ICOC (International Code Of Conduct) and registered with SAMI (Security Association for the Maritime Industry). Orchid Maritime is a UKAS ISO 9001-2008 certified company.

Orchid’s ethos is in the pursuit of unrelenting excellence. Its website states: “We will always seek to achieve the highest standards of ethics and probity to achieve the high standards of service at all times.”

Orchid Maritime was founded in 2008 and is one of the more established security companies based in the United Kingdom. It provides security advice and solutions to the commercial shipping industry that they claim are unsurpassed and best in class, to mitigate many of the related risks and threats associated with vessel protection.

Its philosophy is robust: “We aim to develop a strong and long term client relationship, which combined with our aspiration for excellence, ensures that there is continual inward and extrinsic client feedback and a review process.”

Orchid is a signatory to ICOC, a member of SAMI and has been accredited with ISO 9001 status. All weapons and security equipment are licensed in the United Kingdom and Orchid adheres to all of the criteria advised by the IMO in their Interim Guidance to Ship Owners. The company is recognised by leading insurers and P & I Clubs and Flag States.

Orchid Maritime offers to deliver vessel protection services, security advice and intelligence for commercial vessels, super yachts, offshore vessels and vessels operating within the Oil and Gas industries.

The vessel protections services include both armed and unarmed teams. The armed teams can embark from Suez, Muscat, Galle, Mauritius, Durban, Mombasa and Capetown. Many other ports can be available to unarmed teams.

Other services include:
vessel security assessments, pre-embarkation hardening assessments, anti-piracy drills and training, citadel placement and preparation advice and maritime intelligence.

To get the experience you require to enhance your existing armed forces qualities and qualifications, Orchid Maritime offers courses in Security Awareness and PDSD, Hostile Environment Training, Level 3 Close Protection and Defensive and Evasive Training. To find out more about the company and the courses and opportunities most suitable for you visit the Orchid Maritime website:, telephone +44 1202 676 752 or Email:

If you think maritime security is the right sector for you, you might want to consider talking to PGI Training.

In a little over two years PGI Training claims to have changed the training landscape forever. The company’s specialist courses have shattered the old ways of looking at security, risk management, maritime,  medical and resettlement courses. It boasts that while much of the marketplace chooses to imitate and follow, PGI Training is relentless and committed to innovation with a desire to deliver the very best.

All of our courses are supported by the PGI METHOD. The training methodology has been carefully planned, created and put together using decades of experiences from all around the world in most areas of training. For example PGI’s Maritime Course, the MSO 25, has been created by those working right in the front lines of maritime security, ex-military, former Marines and hugely experienced trainers. PGI experts have worked in the most hostile areas and the most remote.

PGI trains individuals, organisations, trainers, and they even train security companies that protect small nations or large fleets and many other large corporations all over the world.

MSO 25 course really does offer you a vast array of opportunities to enhance your skills in a varied range of qualifications from Forensic Awareness to the City and Guilds level 3 (MSO) Maritime Security Officer qualification. The MSO 25 course offers a variation of theoretical and practical lectures and assessments.

The International Ship and Port Facility Security Code, (ISPS) was created as a result of the events of September the 11th 2001. It became obvious that security both on ships and ashore needed to be heightened.

The three day Ship Security Officers course is designed to provide guidance and instruction for those who wish to work in this discipline. This qualification is also a mandatory prerequisite for many of those who wish to gain employment in an anti-piracy role within maritime security companies.

PGI courses also cover first-aid, personal survival techniques, fire fighting and much more.

If you need to book training, if you have a question or you need some advice the PGI team is ready at the end of the phone waiting to help. To find out more about PGI and the training on offer through the company telephone 01884 849 460 or visit:

Neptune was established in 2009 by two ex-members of the UK’s maritime Special Forces unit, the Special Boat Service, in response to the then ever-increasing Somali Piracy problem off the Horn of Africa which was rapidly spreading over the Gulf of Aden, Indian Ocean and East African region.

The company rapidly grew throughout the next few years, establishing a regional infrastructure of fully legitimate, compliant and operational firearms storage and logistical management, for the provision of armed vessel protection to every kind of merchant shipping vessel passing through the High Risk Area (HRA).

In 2012 Neptune added to its main UK office, establishing an Operations & Support Centre in Dubai, UAE central to our area of operations and increasing its regional footprint. In 2013 the company added representation in Tokyo, Japan and more recently in 2014 representation in Singapore.

Neptune operates in the areas of offshore security, vessel protection and port security.

Maritime security requires experience, discipline and professionalism. Neptune provides a quality security service, using skilled operatives. The company is looking to recruit only the best candidates to join its teams.

Skills and experience required:
• Minimum seven years of relevant military experience
• Exemplary military conduct
• Criminal Records Bureau check (CRB)
• MSO (Maritime Security Operators course)
• Maritime Firearms Competency Course
• ENG1 medical
• STCW95 Seaman’s Card & Discharge Book (available from MARSEC companies)
• Yellow Fever inoculation
• First aid trauma training
• Letter from a doctor to confirm mental stability

All applicants must demonstrate knowledge of the current piracy situation. You must know the importance of various land and sea features related to piracy, chart work with latitude and longitude bearings, and use of RADAR.

Knowing and understanding the Rules of Engagement is extremely important. To find out more about maritime security vacancies with Neptune visit website

The user friendly site also allows you to download your CV and send it direct to the company. You can also contact the UK office in Poole, Dorset on +44 (0)1202 743357 or email: There are also offices in Dubai, Singapore and Tokyo.