Excellentia Close Protection Training

Excellentia was established in 2006 and has grown from strength to strength over the last 9 years.

Excellentia was established in 2006 and has grown from strength to strength over the last 9 years. John Morrison and Derek Kerr joined Excellentia in 2010 and their experience and expertise has aided in this growth. As an ISO 9001 Operational and Training company our quality ensures that Excellentia only deploys the security industry’s very best operators and instructors on our assignments and training courses, the vast majority of whom have served in specialist Government departments relevant to their specialism. All our operators are BS7858 staff screened compliant before deployment.

Our maxim is ‘Excellence through Experience’ as experience cannot be gained by attending a course, nor can it be gained in a matter of months. The best operators take years to develop. This same ethos is why Excellentia trained Close Protection Operatives are some of the best in the industry.

Our clients take great satisfaction and comfort in the knowledge that Excellentia operators have worked at the highest levels both nationally and internationally. Our people are professional, discreet and vetted to the highest levels. We provide high calibre operatives, both male and female, relevant to your needs to protect you, your family and your assets, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The vast majority of our personnel have served in one of the following world renowned Protection units:
• UK Royal Military Police (Close Protection Unit)
• UK Civilian Police Protection Units – Royalty and Special Branch Protection
• UK Special Forces

Excellentia undertakes many forms of protective security nationally and internationally, including:
• Executive Protection for Royalty, Ambassadors and Ministers
• VIP and Celebrity Protection.
• Residential Security & Security Surveys
• Yacht Security & Security Surveys
• Security Chauffeurs
• Asset Protection
• Event Security
• Surveillance and Technical Surveillance Counter Measures
• Risk Assessments
• Sport & Delegation Team Security
• Overt and Covert Investigations

Excellentia training and operations is ever evolving and we endeavour to insure our newly qualified candidates and seasoned operators are prepared for their area of operations, be it either nationally or internationally.

Excellentia have stepped into the maritime domain offering security training to super yacht crews, way beyond the current MCA awareness guidelines. As well as bespoke crew training, they have set the bar high with their super yacht security assessments and recommendations, further enhancing the safety and security of vessel, crew and clients this is due to the ever increasing threats in the Mediterranean Sea. Excellentia have been approached by Principals and Clients within the UK and from overseas Governments & Military to provide instructors, operators and training for the aforementioned.

Recent training and operational taskings has seen Excellentia provide for the following:
• Close Protection training resulting in two female CPO’s and a male CPO working for a Middle Eastern client in London.
• Super Yacht crew security training.
• Firearms training in Czechoslovakia.
• Driver training for Security Chauffeurs.
• Residential Security, Close Protection and Security Chauffeur to a Middle Eastern Family in London.
• Security Chauffeur for an American client visiting London on numerous occasions.
• Close Protection for a client at FIFA, Switzerland
• Client’s security background checks on staff before employment within company.
• Residential and Office TSCM sweeps.
• Event security staff for numerous high profile events to a major events company in London.

If Excellentia are the company you require day or night then contact us on +44 (0) 207 060 2130 to discuss further or email operations@excellentia. co.uk for operational matters or for training then email training@excellentia.co.uk with your requirement or request.



M.L. (Male) – Military Student from March 2015 Close Protection course gave the following feedback on our 21 day Close Protection course based & delivered in Central London:

In late December 2014 I decided that the private security industry was an area I wanted to enter, learn from and develop in. Having looked for months online, asking friends within the industry and ringing numerous training providers one company stood out EXCELLENTIA.

From the first phone call, through the numerous questions I had prior to the course, on obtaining my joining instructions and once the course commenced the standard of support was outstanding.

I have been fortunate to complete numerous courses throughout the world but never have I witnessed the level of professionalism, cohesion, experience or down right dedication I observed whilst on the EXCELLENTIA close protection course.

Throughout every stage I found it a steep learning curve, this said the level of support, guidance and commitment shown by the instructors was incredible. Every question and stumbling block I faced was resolved by the instructors ensuring that I and every person on the course was both satisfied and content.

The practical foot, mobile and surveillance drills were incredible, the instructors are able to merge extensive foot and mobile drills with learning London. I had little knowledge of London prior to the course but once again the investment provided by the training team ensured that locations of interest were not only identified but understood down to every individual characteristic of locations.

If the above was not enough the level of personal experience, insight and expertise provided by the training team will make the difference. The knowledge I have obtained from the training team over the past 16 days has been invaluable. The old statement of entering a course with a sharp pencil and empty note book has never been truer.

To summarise, if you are looking to conduct a close protection course which will provide you with REAL and credible training with instructors that invest all their time in ensuring they provide you with everything you require and so much more then look no further than EXCELLENTIA.

At the end of the course I was best described as “fragged” looking back I now believe I’m in the best position I can be on entering the security industry and that is down to one reason, EXCELLENTIA.



C.P. (Female) – Having completed the Excellentia Close Protection course (March 2015)

I can thoroughly recommend it. The course was intense but extremely well thought through and taught.

I chose Excellentia primarily as a friend had recommended them but also researched a number of other course providers. I decided that Excellentia looked like it would suit my needs as a former Police Officer. From their website to various forms of communication I felt Excellentia were professional and friendly. I cannot compare Excellentia’s course to other providers but can say that Excellentia far exceeded my expectations.

It is an intensive course and you should expect that from the off. We were kept on our toes throughout, ensuring that we thought well ahead and prepared thoroughly but were able to adapt to situations and scenarios as they developed. I feel that this was a very realistic aspect of the course and you are constantly being assessed and given constructive feedback on performance. The criteria and hours taught by Excellentia far exceed the SIA requirement. You are told, “it’s not just a course; it’s a three week interview.”

The first 4 days covered the First Person on Scene Course Intermediate (FPOS I). Adam is an excellent instructor whose methods ensured good understanding and retention. The next 17 days were full on with early starts and late finishes to emulate the working environment. Many miles of walking, map reading, route recce, driving techniques, close quarter combat, protocol, presentations, dress, communication and awareness skills were covered. Top tip – wear shoes comfortable enough to be on your feet for 14 hours a day!

The course instructors are always on hand to help, advise and give practical experience. I believe they have given me the knowledge and contacts that I need to build a successful career in the Industry.



Y.A. (Male) – Student from October 2015 Close Protection course:

If you are after your SIA badge to get your Close Protection licence, then there are plenty of companies out there and good luck with that. If you want to be a professional CP operative, above and beyond what is required from the SIA, in my opinion there is only one company and that is Excellentia. I don’t say this without hard evidence and experience.

Having spent 15 years in the Met Police both I have learnt under no uncertain terms that before you commit to anything you need to do your homework and research them. I did just that and researched companies across the UK including a company run by someone personally known to me. As I wanted to make a real go of this career, was keen to stick as close to London as possible as my research showed that this is where CP work happens. So then it was time to research companies. It was clear very quickly that Excellentia were the professionals, so I called up and chatted with the director. At no point was a sales pitch involved and in fact I found myself having to sell myself to them and was honoured to get a place on their course.

The start day came. Now, you will see for yourself if you go on Excellentia’s course that the 3 weeks suddenly disappear. I went into it thinking, “It can’t be rocket science being a CP”. I was wrong but as it’s not rocket science, it IS a science that requires a level of skill and common sense as well as a ton more. I could not believe just how intense it was. I went through every emotion including pride, excitement, fear, frustration and seriously wondered if I had what it takes. With the average day being 13-14 hours long AT LEAST, and the coursework etc etc, it is full on from the start. You soon learn that 14 hours is NOT enough!! I was put into situations to test certain aspects of how I would deal with scenarios and these were NOT classroom exercises, it’s all live in the public arena so is a shock to the system. You are taken completely out of your comfort zone a lot of the time. All of this is to prepare you for the 4 day live exercise when you spend 2 days planning for a live principal and then spend 2 days looking after a real VIP. The pressure you are out under is immense. The first day was approx. 17 hours with a few hours’ sleep and straight back in for the second day of the VIP part of it.

Whilst all of the above is an accurate description of the course, what I have not yet mentioned is the instructors. The Excellentia instructors are not outside trainers reading from text, books etc, they are LIVE CP operatives taking time out to show their trade as it is in the real world. Other very experienced operatives are brought in to add to this learning. All of them have had commendable experience in the SF and other backgrounds which makes them about as experienced, current and professional as they get.

I have undergone many training programmes with the Met Police and say with confidence that Excellentia blow them out of the water. I cannot speak highly enough of them and would recommend no one else to any person who truly wants to be at the top of their game with their CP career.

This student has gone on to work on our tasks the day he received his SIA Close Protection badge. Y.A. won ‘Instructors best student’, won the coveted Gold Excellentia Lapel badge and unanimously won ‘Students best student.’