Transfer your Military skills and Develop a new career through Online Learning

What exactly is
online learning? 

Also called e-learning or virtual learning, online learning is a method of delivering education online opposed to on campus. Due to the development of technology in recent years, online learning has grown in popularity and sophistication with many universities now offering a small selection of online courses.

There are a variety of courses available online. A popular form of online learning are MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) which are short, free courses run by major learning providers to share their knowledge of a particular academic topic. You can also choose to complete higher level qualifications including advanced diplomas, top-up degrees and masters.

The University of Derby Online Learning (UDOL) has a wide range of courses and degree programmes that can be studied 100% online, giving learners the flexibility to study from anywhere in the world, as long as they have access to the internet. This mode of study is becoming increasingly popular with armed forces personnel who are looking to develop their skills and qualifications to further their career either in the military or as part of resettlement.

University of Derby

Online Learning 

As the thriving online learning division of the university, UDOL is dedicated to providing part-time online degree programmes, professional courses and CPD opportunities to people around the world who require more flexible

study options.

Online learning has seen a prolific growth in recent years. Based on the changing habits of how we use technology and the need for a flexible approach to quality learning, the University of Derby made a significant investment by creating UDOL. As a department it is growing from strength to strength the interest in this mode is increasing rapidly, It has already had a positive impact on the lives of learners globally, including military personnel who have achieved degrees in Environmental Health, Environmental Management, Ergonomics and MBA.

UDOL aims to help military personnel enhance their career options within or outside the military setting through accredited programmes delivered entirely online. As an institution, UDOL have a proven track record of supporting military personnel through their resettlement period.


Is an online degree as good as one from a ‘bricks and mortar’ university?

An online degree is exactly the same. All UDOL courses are part of the same rigorous quality processes as our on-campus courses. They are the same quality, from the same awarding institution and are recognised in the same way by industry – the only difference is the mode of study. At UDOL our learners are invited to the University’s graduation ceremony in Derby to receive their award.

What courses
do UDOL offer?

UDOL offers more than 40 different courses including Environmental Health, Nursing Studies and Engineering, to over 3,000 online distance learners, located all around the world.

The Environmental Health programme is very popular with current and ex-military personnel, as it compliments and enhances their knowledge and key skills that are necessary to work across the full range of environmental health areas. It also allows them to obtain an overview across the breadth of the subject, so that any interventions taken are evidence based and appropriate to the risk. Moreover, Engineering is also popular for army leavers as their skills are transferable and there is a shortage of engineers in the sector.

Points to consider when choosing to study online:
Subjects – what is it you want to go on to do after your time in the armed forces? What subject do you enjoy? What skills can you transfer?

Costs – as a service leaver you will be entitled to ELCAS (Enhanced Learning Credits Administration Services). The University

of Derby and UDOL is an accredited ELCAS funding provider.

Time – online learning enables learners to study part-time, from anywhere in the world. Recognition of prior achievements – does the

course provider offer you the opportunity to recognise prior learning so that you can start at a more advanced stage?

Support/customer service – what types of support will you receive? Do they offer you a dedicated advisor?

How can you use online learning to develop your career?

Higher education is a great investment for the future. As a service leaver you are entitled to ELCAS (Enhanced Learning Credits Administration Services) funding which provides financial support in the form of a single, up-front payment in each of a maximum of three separate financial years.

The skills and experience you have built during your time with the military are also of huge benefit when undertaking further study. Transferrable skills such as teamwork, leadership and an eye for detail are all essential to success. The variety of life experience and insights you have obtained will also place you in an interesting position within a student cohort, encouraging discussion and shared learning with other learners some of which may be ex-military.

Can your online learners have a ‘social’ experience
in the way that those on
site would?

Students have social spaces where they can talk to each other (virtual cafes); discussion forums for academic discussions and also live webinars with their tutors.

How interactive and engaging is online learning?

UDOL prides itself on delivering interactive and engaging learning experiences. Gone are the days of a lone student staring at a computer in isolation. Instead technology provides a gateway to a whole community of students, from around the world, who they can constantly interact with whilst being supported by a professional academic team.

The learning materials provided allow students to engage in different virtual worlds; learn through videos, read the latest publications through the University’s e-library and work through bespoke learning materials produced by the academic team.

What are the benefits
of online learning?

Online learning opens doors for military personnel to transfer their skills into a new career.
Learners can study at a time and a place that suits them.
Learners can take a break from study and then come back onto the course at a later date.
All students receive academic tuition and guidance from highly qualified academics

Is it more expensive
to study online?

Studying online can be a more cost effective way to achieve your university degree as there are no additional costs such as travel or accommodation. This saves you money and gives you the flexibility of when and where you choose to study.

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