Training to work within The Executive Protection Sector and as a Private Military Contractor

Private Security Contractor (life beyond the services)
There’s more to the military life than service in a nation’s armed forces. For example, some people work for firms that provide contracted military services, and they’re known as private military contractors or PMCs. or private security contractors. As of 2013, there’s been growth in employment of PMCs or private security contractors, as some nations increasingly rely on them to provide traditional military services.
UCP UK is without doubt one of the world’s most respected High Risk training providers, with overseas Government contracts for the provision of Ministry protection training with Internal Security Forces and private military training for some of the most well known Contracting companies.
For over 15 years UCP UK have been training former UK and overseas Government Military Personnel to work within the Private Military Contractor sector.
UCP UK’s training programs are perfectly designed to offer all UK service leavers with the right amount of knowledge and the correct qualifications to apply for an employment role within companies such as Aegis, Control Risk, Minimal Risk and G4S Risk Management to name a few.
Our training will allow you to apply for your SIA front-line licence for VIP protection as well as working overseas as a private security contractor.

Delivering the training schedule to achieve correct qualifications for matching job opportunities and referencing the training cost to fit perfectly within your enhanced learning credit claim.
1. HABC Level 3 working as a close protection operative
2. First Responder Medic training
3. Hostile Environment Close Protection Officer (PSD, IED, PSC)
4. B6 Armoured Vehicle training
5. Use of drones within security
6. Firearms competency level 3
7. Private Military Contractor (CQB, SERE)
8. Team Leadership for small team tactics

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UCP also provide a range of support and guidance to help service leavers gain employment upon successful completion of their course such as:
• Guidance in completing the SIA Application online
• Practical guidance in CV writing towards employment in the CP industry
• Guidance on using SLC/ELC/GRT credits
• Guidance on future development courses
Guidance on the financial support available from DWP for service leavers made redundant under Tranche 4

The main target of this unique training is to prepare military individuals (former and present) and security personnel for protective operations in a hostile environment mainly for the Middle East and Africa. The training will provide the maximum of realistic scenarios created by our own former military and UK SF instructors that have worked in these same environments and for Celebrities in the UK. This instruction will enable its participants to acquaint themselves with different types of weapons or equipment indispensable in high-risk countries as well as high profile VIP protection duties.

• Threat assessment and risk analysis – Introduction to Executive protection and PMC
• Surveillance/Reconnaissance
• Vehicle and foot drills
• Threat and Risk Assessment
• Convoy – arrivals / departures (embus/debus)
• Elements of the PES Team – roles and responsibilities
• Providing Security in High Risk Areas – SOP
• High Profile – Celebrity Protection (live exercise)
• Low Profile Protection (live exercise)
• Security Driver – Convoy and motorcade procedures B6 Armoured Driver
• Firearms Training in Team (Pistol & Carbine)
• High Risk foot formations – VIP+5 “DIAMOND”
• Concealed Carry and unarmed combat
• High Risk rural movement – SWAT Tactics
• Land warfare: force-on-force with the use of FX Simunition
• Advanced Firearms Training – Live Fire contact Drills with VIP
• Final examination – theory and practice

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Career Transition Preferred Partner
Above course are the combined CP1 and 10 HECPO 28-day Close Protection Training.
This can be split 18 days CPO and 10 days HECPO using two separate claims.

Some common questions answered
Q. Private Military Company Pay Vs. Army Pay
A. Twice as much Same as the ranking within the Military, your pay will reflect your responsibility except your monthly pay to be £5,000 – £8000
Q. What are the job roles in this industry?
A. Private Contractor Jobs.Private contractors are employed in war zones and other dangerous areas to perform a wide variety of specialized jobs, including repair and maintenance of infrastructure and pipeline equipment. Other contractors provide armed security for truck convoys carrying supplies between military bases, serve as guards for corporate headquarters and government buildings and provide personal protection for politicians and other leading figures. Private military contractors are normally employed only in defensive roles and are only expected to engage in combat if attacked. They are not generally used for offensive military operations, so the term “mercenary” may not be strictly appropriate for what they do.

Q. What are the job opportunities after training?
A. Putting aside UCP Security Operations data base of former UCP UK graduates that now work within the industry direct with UCP SO, there are plenty more opportunities within our network of associates for overseas and UK based employment and work.