With Hire A Hubby you can turn your DIY skills into a profitable business

Founded in Australia over 20 years ago, Hire A Hubby provides general property maintenance and DIY services to residential and commercial customers.

Homeowners in the UK might love doing a bit of DIY but time pressures and lack of skills mean that there is a ready demand for the services offered by Hire A Hubby. We are looking to attract individuals with strong DIY and property maintenance skills and who have a desire to own and run their own business, so if you enjoy DIY and have great practical skills and would like to run your own business a Hire A Hubby franchise could be just what you’re looking for. 

How it works
Each Hire A Hubby franchisee runs their own business but they are backed by the security and support of a long established handyman franchise operation. Your franchise comes with an exclusive territory, a two week training package that includes both practical know how and business administration training, a company laptop and mobile phone, Police /DBS checks and insurance. There are only two things that new Hubbies have to provide, their tools; which most DIY enthusiasts already have, and a white van; which will be sign-written during their training. Our franchisees come from all walks of life and include former trades people and military personnel as well as people with a professional, management, IT, banking or engineering background

Income guarantee
We are so confident in the Hire A Hubby business proposition that we offer a first year’s income guarantee of up to £50,000. The guarantee is dependent upon the initial investment and enables an individual to take the step into business ownership safe in the knowledge that they are able to call upon us for financial support should it be required. We believe that this makes us unique within the franchise world. The income guarantee that is on offer represents the minimum turnover Hire A Hubby would expect a new franchisee to be able to achieve during their first year. Given the demand from home owners for the sorts of services that the Hubbies provide, many franchisees easily exceed this. Resulting in many franchisees scaling their business to the point where they need to take on one or two members of staff by the end of their first year. 

Systems and support
Each franchisee has access to Hire A Hubby’s very own computer system (hub e-connect) which allows quoting, scheduling, and administration to be simplified.  However, more importantly it also allows a franchisee to monitor their operation, particularly from an efficiency and profitability perspective. This ensures performance is always at its best and can then enable the franchisee to understand their business performance, and decide whether to grow to a multiple vehicle operation. Something that can only be achieved if they know their KPIs (key performance indicators) are where they need to be. 

Working locally
Ideally franchisees like to have the territory of where they are living and most franchisees would be within a 30 minute drive of their home location. It is important for a franchisee, not to have to travel too far, as time is money. All Hire A Hubby franchisees are DBS / Police checked enabling them to offer their services to schools, care homes, children’s day nurseries and other businesses, where they might come into contact with the vulnerable.  After you’ve completed your training at head office, you’ll be supported in the field by one of the team. During your territory launch week you’ll be introduced to your key customer groups including property managers and other regular, repeat business customers. 

Skills assessment
Prospective Hire A Hubby franchisees are required to take a self-assessment, both of their interpersonal and DIY skills. Part of your training package includes a hands on week at a building training centre, this enables our franchisees to brush up on their DIY skills and learn a few tricks of the trade to add to their skill set. The success of the Hire A Hubby brand has been built on individual franchisees working in their local area, providing high quality services, which require excellent DIY skills.  

Growing opportunity
As demand for your services increase, there is opportunity to grow your business to a multiple vehicle operation. Choosing to operate multiple vehicles, allows you to become more of a project manager and to take on more work, thereby increasing the profitability of your business. Many franchisees have followed this model enabling them to achieve increased turnover levels and in Australia, where the system was first developed over 20 years ago, there are now multiple franchisees who have achieved over $1 million Australian Dollars in a single financial year. Indeed in the 2017-2018 financial year one franchisee achieved $1.4Milllion, this level of turnover can only be achieved by having a multiple vehicle operation. However there is no obligation for a franchisee to have multiple vehicles and any franchisee will only grow their business if and when they wish to do so. 

Flat franchise fee
Hire A Hubby take a flat franchise fee so regardless of what a franchisee’s turnover is, or how many vehicles they run, they will never have to pay any more. Whether a franchisee wishes to grow their business to a multi vehicle operation or not, they all benefit from strategic business support from the head office team. This includes regular business reviews to check a franchisee’s performance against their business plan, and setting goals and business objectives, all things that as a sole trader they wouldn’t have access to. 

Investment required
Investment levels range from between £15,000 to £25,000 depending on the territory chosen and this can be part or wholly financed if needed. Hire A Hubby have a range of finance packages available from the likes of StartUp Finance or Natwest, who have accredited the Hire A Hubby franchise system and who also offer 75% unsecured funding finance package. From a business perspective there are tax advantages to financing your business and it is something that most franchisees tend to do. 

Join the team
In addition to having good practical DIY skills, it is likely that, with your military background, you’ll also be a team player, who enjoys working to a plan and you might also have good time management skills. If that is the case then you are just the sort of person we are looking for. We have franchise areas and territories that have now been mapped and available across the UK, so it doesn’t matter where you’re based we can help you on your journey to becoming your own boss. 

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