Forces Recruiting needs you!

The phrase skills gap is often used, some may even say over used, but what does it actually mean?

A skills gap is the difference between what an employer wants or needs and the skills that their work force can offer.

Numerous industries have recognised the shortfall of qualified people that are available for the roles in which they need to fill, we believe that Ex-forces personnel and Veterans have many of the transferrable skills that are needed to fill these skills gaps. 

The MOD have recognised the need to further assist service leavers with their resettlement process and created the Defence Relationship Management team, known as DRM, they actively high-light the benefits that service leavers and veterans bring to business, thus encouraging companies to sign the Armed Forces Covenant, and often having forces liaison officers to help with the employment process and the transition back in to civilian life. The most proactive and successful of these companies have been receiving acknowledgement for their efforts by way of the Employer Recognition scheme Gold, Silver and Bronze awards. 

Forces Recruiting a Bronze award holder have been promoting hundreds of companies over the past 10 years by offering them the opportunity to advertise employment opportunities and vacancies on their website, along with various training providers and franchises, the website offers information from numerous forces charities and organisations, such as The Career Transition Partnership known as the CTP and ELCAS about your funded training which are the enhanced learning credits. 

Forces Recruiting are determined to always offer this service as it allows companies the chance to recruit service leavers and veterans who visit our website. However since many of their viewers still send them CV’s asking for advice, or to assist with helping them find employment, they have now decied to take the next step in helping service leavers and veterans find their next career path. 

So what happens next?
Making the transition from serving in the armed forces to embarking on your new career can be a daunting and somewhat arduous task. Choosing an industry that offers the chance of job staisfaction as well as gaining a sustainable career is one thing, however getting through the door and having the opportunity to get that dream role and job offer is another. 

To ensure you have the best possible chance of gaining future employment, it is imperative that the skills you have already gained whilst serving in the armed forces are sharpened and conform to recognisable ‘Civvy street’ qualifications. Word of mouth is undoubtedly the most trusted source when choosing a company to work with, having been aware of Forces Recruiting and often directing people to their website myself, I am proud to be able to work with them and be a part of Forces Recruiting Solutions. There are some great forces friendly companies and organisations out there, however, someone else’s experiences are only a guide and not necessarily going to meet your own standards and requirements. We will be working with a select group of industries and employers to fill the skills gaps, the key to this success will be in not having a one size fits all attitude, most importantly not over stretching our resources. We already have lots of Cvs that have been sent to us and will be accepting more over the coming months. We will be working with selected companies to ensure we uderstand their needs and requirements to ensure everyone receives a highly professional service and that no-one slips through the net. 

If you are a service leaver or veteran wanting to find your next career path then all you you need to do is send me your CV to there are no fees whatsoever and our service is free to everyone regardless of age, rank or whether we find you your next career.

If you are an employer wishing to work with us and receive the best candidates that are interview ready and looking to start their new career please email who will send you details and arrange appointments if needed or call 01733 203939 

Forces Recruiting are proud to announce that they have teamed up with Terry Waters to create Forces Recruiting Solutions.
Forces Recruiting Solutions will be a new employment service, unlike an agency where they take a proportion from the salary of those finding employment, agencies also work on volumes and send large numbers of CVs forward for the various roles they have, this is often refered to as a numbers game, meaning they are more likely to fill the opportunity, but this can be demoralising for those applying, as well as being frustrating and time consuming for the company looking to find the right candidate, often spending valuable man hours having interviews with people not always fit for the opportunity they have applied for. 

Terry states that “We will not take a cut from your salary, and will only charge the companies that we work with a small fee to find the right people for the right jobs. In addition we will be able to assist you with CV whilst also givinh help and advice about the whole resettlement process. We will also be helping with interviewing and stratergy planning to ensure you to realise the skills you have to offer in the civilian roles that we will have available, ensuring you are confident and interview ready, which in turn means you are more likely to get the job offer and the employer benefits from getting the right candidates.

I served for 22 years in the Royal Anglain Regiment, aka The Poachers. Having served I then worked in the Security Industry for many years with many of my former colleagues and friends being recruited through me, before leaving service I worked in various careers centres helping others with their resettlement process. So I have experienced first hand the resettlement process and the difficulties that can arise from simple things like having a good CV to recognising the skillsets you have and making a positive impression at the interview stage.”

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