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Looking to get back in the work saddle but not sure where to start? A job as a support worker for Norwood could be just the thing to get your nose in front of the pack.

If you’ve spent time in the armed forces in any capacity, the chances are you will already possess many of the skills needed for a new career as a support worker at Norwood. You will have a strong work ethic and be a dedicated professional. You will be familiar with the personal sacrifices needed to prioritise others above yourself and you will take impeccable pride in your work. 

Norwood provides specialist support for families facing crisis, and a range of services for people with educational challenges, learning disabilities or autism. Norwood believes that all people – regardless of circumstance or ability – can, with the right support, achieve more than they ever thought possible.

And that is where you come in. Should you choose to join our team, you will become part of the Norwood family, a community that makes a real difference to both the people we support and the people who support them. 

Your six-week induction training will be just the beginning of a life-changing career adventure. As a support worker for Norwood, you will receive constant training in topics ranging from epilepsy to autism to emergency first aid. As a support worker for Norwood you will be given the opportunity to take part in a range of activities, from active days out to international adventures and domestic challenges (Norwood is well known for encouraging the people we support to take part in hikes, walks, runs and domestic and international bike rides). 

Norwood currently employs around 1,250 passionate and committed people to help deliver high-quality services across a spectrum of age, need and ability to the people living in our residential and supported living homes in London and Berkshire. At Norwood, we are as devoted to our staff as we are to the people we look after. We offer a strong career progression as well as training and support to improve your existing skills.  

One of the best things about being a support worker is that any and all of your previous life skills and hobbies will, at one time or another, be useful to you in your new role. Whether it’s cooking, gardening, music, arts and crafts, driving or swimming… a job as a support worker will give you ample opportunity to share existing life skills with the people we support. Whatever you bring to the role, we can use these precious skills to enhance the opportunity for both you and the people we support. 

Matthew Thornton, a support worker at The Firs in Ravenswood
Matthew Thornton, 30, had worked in a variety of jobs over the years, as well as being a reservist in 151 Regiment in the Army’s Royal Logistic Corps. Now, Matthew is a support worker at The Firs in Ravenswood, Norwood’s residential accommodations in Berkshire that provide 24-hour-a-day, tailored support to adults with learning disabilities. 

“In my current job I support people with a range of learning disabilities in their day to day lives,” Matthew says. “The days are really varied and can include anything from support with morning routines and personal care to day trips and participation in the hobbies and interests of the people we support. 

“Coming from a military background is very useful to me in this job,” he adds. “Obviously, organisation and prioritisation are useful skills and enable me to stay on top of a constantly shifting workload. The hours are long and the work is difficult so physical fitness is important, as is mental toughness. Perhaps the most important characteristic, though, is discipline. Much like in the military, there are many situations in this profession where coming unravelled could have the very worst of consequences – so a sense of discipline is crucial in helping a support worker maintain a sense of calm under pressure.”

Having said that, Matthew is keen to point out that, “It is an exceptionally rewarding job.

I really enjoy the pace and variety of the work here and, after a long day, I really feel as if I have achieved something worthwhile.” 

At Norwood we say that our support worker jobs are for people who want to “change a life, starting with your own”. Are you ready for a life-changing adventure?

For a detailed job description, go to If you are interested in one of the life-changing opportunities we currently have on offer, email for further information or speak to our recruitment team on 020 8809 8809. 

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