SecureCloud+ goes for Gold

Shining example of an Armed Forces friendly employer Information and Communications Technology specialist, SecureCloud+, has received the Ministry of Defence’s (MoD) Employer Recognition Scheme Gold Award. 

This coveted accolade was presented to the company by Chief of The Defence Staff, General Sir Nick Carter, at a ceremony at the National Army Museum recently.

ERS Gold Award Winners
The Ministry of Defence’s Employer Recognition Scheme Gold Award is the highest award given to employers who support serving armed forces personnel, veterans and their families. This is a commendable achievement for SecureCloud+ and it symbolises the company’s commitment to the Armed Forces and its people. The Company surpassed the pledge it made on joining the scheme and were recognised for supporting many outreach programs associated with the Armed Forces. The IT Company has demonstrated in a few years that it is a growing organisation which provides opportunities to make a marked difference within the working environment and the community.

The Employer Recognition Scheme (ERS) encourages employers to support the MoD whilst inspiring others to do the same. The scheme awards bronze, silver and gold positions for employer organisations that pledge to support to the MoD and the Armed Forces community, and align their values with the Armed Forces Covenant. Although the ERS is designed primarily to recognise private sector support, public sector organisations – such as the emergency services, local authorities, NHS trusts and executive agencies – are also eligible to be recognised. 

To achieve the Gold Award, the employer must be proactive in ensuring that their workforce is aware of policies aimed towards understanding issues often experienced by those working in the Defence sector. For example, an employer nominated for support to the Reserves must have an internally publicised and positive HR policy on Reserves. Within the context of Reserves, the employer must have demonstrated support to mobilisations or, at the very least, have a framework in place. They must provide a minimum of 10 days fully paid additional leave for training to the Reservist employee.

About Us
SecureCloud+ is a trusted provider of secure communication and collaboration services to the MoD and Government. It was founded by Peter Williamson, who is also CEO at the company. With many years of experience in computers and communications behind him, as well as serving in the Royal Navy, he assembled a team of leading technologists and service delivery practitioners to work for SecureCloud+ (many of whom have also served in the Armed Forces). Within the company, consumers of information are given access to networks, resources and applications using secure technology, delivered as an end-to-end managed service.

It is significant that, throughout all tiers of the government’s IT security classification system, SecureCloud+ is already delivering multi-year contracts to customers in the Defence and Public Sector. One notable example is that contracts are being exchanged even where the classification is ‘Top Secret’. 

As their relationship with the MoD grows, SecureCloud+ looks to recruit more staff who have served in the Armed Forces. The very nature of the work is such that it requires people to have integrity, loyalty and an understanding of the importance of working in secure technical facilities.

Having been contracted by the Royal Air Force (RAF) to deliver network collaboration services in the 

multi-billion pound programme ‘Team Tempest’, the Company has become increasingly well-known for its contribution to the Armed Services.

SecureCloud+ is constantly seeking to leverage technological advances in Cloud Services, Artificial Intelligence and machine-learning to deliver modern ways of working whilst still exploiting the investment in legacy systems. The Company’s expertise in developing these systems, managing complex projects and protecting secure networks has led to an enviable record for delivering on time and within budget.

Investors in People
SecureCloud+ prides itself in the development of its employees and was additionally awarded the Investors in People accreditation. With options for flexible working, an open office environment as well as hosting extra-curricular activities throughout the year, the Company recognises the importance of workplace morale and teamwork. The IT Company also provides its employees with mentoring and coaching programs.

Outreach Programmes
At SecureCloud+, the company’s work ethics and philosophies very much revolve around the power of opportunity in sport. SecureCloud+ run various outreach programs which range from support to the UKAF Rugby, Royal Marines Cricket and the RAF Rugby Union in conjunction with other organisations such as Team Ethos, SAFFA and many others. This support goes a long way as it ensures the sports organisations are able to receive the necessary equipment and resources to take part in extra-curricular events outside of their daily duties.

As part of their outreach programs, SecureCloud+ annually runs the RAF Girl’s Festival of Rugby in association with RAF Halton. The aim for the Festival is to promote women’s rugby at a junior level for all girls from local areas, aged between 11 and 17. The Festival also enables the RAF to showcase the positives of the military as a career choice. It also helps to promote women’s rugby to the recognition it deserves and to encourage equal involvement for women.

Among the many organisations that will be benefitting from SecureCloud+’s ongoing support is the Jon Egging Trust. The Jon Egging Trust helps young people who find themselves in difficult circumstances and helps them overcome adversity and achieve their full potential through learning sessions along with their youth engagement initiatives. The charity and SecureCloud+ have aligned goals in terms of inspiring young people and engaging with the community. 

Ex-Armed Forces personnel
Martin, an employee at the Company, said: “I served 22 years in the RAF as a Cyber Communications Specialist. SecureCloud+ offered me the opportunity to transition into a new career and still maintain my links with the military. SecureCloud+ supports my links with the RAF Air Cadet Cyber program and the continued development/support with their Cyber Security Training. This year, as well as supporting the Cyber element, we are working with their Radio Communications Team in developing the front end of a Radio Simulator”. 

Due to the generous support from SecureCloud+, over 40,000 cadets will have access to Cyber Security Safety content and the ability to simulate Radio Communications without the requirement to purchase expensive radio equipment. 

The Company continues to sponsor Martin to facilitate his role as a voluntary provider of cadet training. SecureCloud+ provides paid leave to provide him with necessary resources enabling him to conduct on-site training at No 1 Radio School Cosford. 

Army Reservist – Liam
Liam is another employee who works in the SecureCloud+ sales team by day, as well as serving as an Army Reserve in his spare time. The support he receives from the company allows him to run a boxing academy and successfully complete the infamous fun dance where SecureCloud+ have sponsored him. Liam went on to say: “I was originally attracted to SecureCloud+ because they were Silver Award Winners of the Armed Forces Covenant and actively employed veterans and reservists. Serving reservists, like myself, receive two weeks extra leave in order to fulfil our annual training schedule. SecureCloud+ have been very supportive in many ways and, with its mix of diverse personnel, has created a refreshing workplace which I enjoy working in.”

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