Why should your next career move be 3D printing?

3D printing (or additive manufacturing) is currently the fastest growing manufacturing sector on the planet. 

In 2020 the 3D printing market was valued at USD 13.7 billion, by 2026, this figure is predicted to rise to over 63 billion. The UK is the second largest global consumer of 3D printers, surpassed only by the United States. 

Gatsby, managers of multiple STEM education programmes, forecast that we will need as many as 700,000 more technicians in the next decade to meet the demands of employers.

Working as a 3D printing technician is a highly varied and rewarding role with good levels of pay and opportunities for career progression’.

Due to a lack of knowledge, experience, and shortage of qualified technicians within the 3D printing sector, people with limited experience can quickly become the go to experts. 

3D 360 can provide the required training for you to become a key knowledge holder in this new and emerging manufacturing sector.

Let 3D 360 help launch your career in the exciting and rapidly expanding sector of digital manufacturing and become part of the 4th industrial revolution. 

Do I need any previous 3D printing experience?
No previous 3D printing experience required. Basic IT knowledge is an advantage.

The 3D 360 training course starts with the basics and builds up to advanced levels. 

Why choose a 3D 360 training course?
3D 360 has created a unique industry standard training course focussing on a mix of technical knowledge and practical hands-on skill sets.

This is the only 3D printer training course that we know of where you build your own 3D printer and get to keep it afterwards. You also get a 3D printer tool kit containing everything required to perform routine 3D Printer maintenance.

3D 360 feel the 3D printer and tool kit are critical in providing continued opportunities to practice and expand on your new-found skills once the training course is completed.

3D 360 are currently working with recruitment agencies to recognise the 3D 360 training course and actively seek placement opportunities with their clients. 

Why is 3D printing becoming mainstream?
Due to advances in materials and hardware, 3D printing is now challenging traditional manufacturing processes, and how products are made.  

Traditional manufacturing techniques are incapable of producing many simple 3D printed features that 3D printer users take for granted. 

The 3D printer just produces parts one layer at a time.

The future of 3D printers
Schools, colleges, and universities are now expanding their 3D printing departments and capabilities to support the next generation of young engineers on how to use and operate 3D printers. 

3D printers are now being used to produce production components for automotive, marine, aviation and general machinery applications. The fashion industry now prints bespoke clothing and footwear. 3D printed houses and buildings are also becoming increasingly mainstream. 

3D printers can be linked together to form small production cells or larger printer farms to support volume manufacturing. 

3D printers are also reducing lead times and carbon miles by removing the need to send out parts via traditional logistics methods. Manufacturers can email component files directly to the customer’s printer, enabling parts to be produced at source. 

A great example of this is the 3D printer located on the European Space Station. Even the best military logistics teams may struggle with this one. 

Why do 3D printers require a technician?
3D printers are not ‘out the box plug and play’ technology that we have come to expect.

At 3D 360 we compare 3D printers to an old car, as both require close monitoring and regular maintenance to keep them running well. 

Who are 3D 360?
3D 360 is owned and run by Lee Fogg and Paul Bullock, two vastly experienced engineers from the nuclear, automotive, and commercial design sectors. 

Both Lee and Paul have over 60 years combined experience providing consultancy and design services to the engineering and manufacturing sectors, with over 20 years of these utilising 3D printing for both prototyping and production applications.

At 3D 360, we consider ourselves to be a little different than other 3D printer resellers. 

3D 360 has no real retail origins, it was born out of industry hence our motto “breaking the mould” of printer sales and services.

At 3D 360 our aim is to support every aspect of your 3D Printing needs. For us selling a printer is a tiny part of our service and just the start of the journey. We also provide training, service contracts, technical support, design, and repair services. 

Offering the true full 360° service.

As supporters of the Armed Forces Covenant, 3D 360 are committed to helping ex service personnel and veterans’ transition into employment. 

Our technician’s training course provides you with the key knowledge and springboard to progress in this exciting and emerging manufacturing sector with genuine career opportunities and a real future.

5 day – 3D Printer Technician’s training course.
Including 3D printer & tool kit – £1299 + VAT

Max 6 people per course. Course fee includes:

• 3D printer to take away and support the continued development of your 3D printer technician and printing skills.

• 3D 360 Tool kit containing the required tools and PPE to maintain and service most printers

• Full set of course notes with links to popular printer OEM service schedules and instructions 

• 3D 360 team support for future placement opportunities and ongoing technical advice

• 3D 360 Technician’s Course certificate 

Experience Required – Basic IT. No previous 3D printing experience required 

A multiple-choice exam is to be taken and passed at the end of each day to demonstrate understanding and progress. 

What will I achieve over the 5 days?
• Understanding of the history of 3D printing and different types of 3D printers

• Ability to build a fully working 3D printer

• Understand what the key printer components do and how they work

• How to maintain, replace and calibrate key components 

• How to set up 3D printers ready for printing

• How to convert and prepare 3D .stl files for printing

• Advanced slicer settings inc wall thickness, infill pattens, percentages and support management.

• Use of rafts, skirts, and brims to aid print bed adhesion.

• Filament selection, material properties, optimum nozzle & bed temperature settings

• 3D printer health and safety and risk mitigation. 

• Diagnose printer performance using calibration cubes, bed level prints & Benchy torture tests 

• Diagnosis of common printer faults and recommended repairs

• Advanced maintenance checks and how to replace service parts 

• Overview and exposure to variety of different printer brands, types, and models.

Please contact 3D 360 for course details and availability on 01942 901 360 or email training@3d360printer.co.uk

For more information about our services visit our Website www.3d360printer.co.uk

Look forward to hearing from you and helping guide you through your 3D printing journey.

Transferable Skills
There are many transferable skills from your role in the military such as safety and hazard recognition, decision-making, a methodical approach to problem-solving and practical hands-on and technical skill sets.

Future opportunities for you after our training

Possible career options are:
• 3D Printer Technician within Education or Industry

• 3D Printer Dental Technician 

• 3D Printer Consultant

• 3D Printer Trainer

• 3D Printer Repair / Maintenance / Upgrade services

• 3D Printer Service Engineer

• 3D Printer Technical Sales

• 3D Printer and Consumables Reseller 

• 3D Printer Safety Advisor for Education / Industry 

• Provide 3D Printing Services

• Upscale multiple 3D Printers to form a printer farm

• Open an Online shop selling bespoke 3D Printed items.

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