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Permanent. Starting salary: £23,541

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Wondering which career path to take next, see where a career in the Ministry of Defence Police could take you.

When you join the MDP, you’ll start your career in a unique policing role where you train to be an Authorised Firearms Officer (AFO) from the beginning.

A career in the MDP could be the perfect career transition for you, offering the opportunity for you to continue working in a role that supports UK national security and public safety. You will have a wealth of relevant skills, abilities, and experiences that we welcome.

As an AFO with the MDP, you will continue to develop your skills, as well as learn new ones. You’ll work in an environment that will be very familiar, carrying out static armed duties and patrols by foot and vehicle and liaising with policing and security partners and professional bodies and teams, in and outside the wire. You will provide a vital role in deterring threats and reassuring staff and the public, in the surrounding area.

Here’s what some of our officers had to say on joining the MDP, following military service:

Alex – “Being in the MDP has restored everything I missed about the military, only this time with the added bonus of a different type of work like balance. From training in high level tactics, weapons training, the camaraderie and generally fitting in with a group of like-minded officers, it has been the perfect substitute for me.”
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Sarah – “Being part of the police family has the same sort of feeling of solidarity as I felt being part of the military… The sense of security and being able to settle down, that my role with the MDP has given me and my family, is great and I’m so glad to still be working in Defence too, where I feel that I really belong.”
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Ian – “Like the Army, the MDP is a team sport. I always enjoyed working as part of a team and I could see that the duties on stations all required strong teamwork. The chance to explore different specialisms within the MDP was also of interest to me.”
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Rachel – “For me the MDP offered a perfect career transition, where I could move into policing (something I had always wanted to do) whilst also working in an environment and armed protective security role with which I was, of course, very familiar… With my military background, the move into armed policing at Defence sites felt like a natural and comfortable progression in my working life.”
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