The Military Provost Guard Service

The Military Provost Guard Service (MPGS) stood up as a cap badge in 1997, in response to a defence review of armed guarding at mainland military units in the UK.

A pilot project that started with a little over 100 regular soldiers employed to provide physical armed and unarmed security to a select few bases. We have grown and today the MPGS employs just under 3000 regular service personnel as defence security specialists at just over 100 sites in the UK. 

One of the many benefits that members of the MPGS enjoy is the stability of home life, a good work life balance. The ability to settle down in an area of their choosing without fear of a posting away from loved ones. 

We work under a Military Local Service Engagement contract, which means you can work at the same site for the rest of your career should you choose to do so. However, this will not limit your progression should you choose to embark upon a second promotional career. Personnel’s children can settle into education and partners can start to lay roots in one particular area. 

The MPGS operate a standard 12.4 hour shift system for 4 consecutive duties (days or nights) followed by 4 rest days (with continuation training conducted on one of the 4 rest days, once a month). MPGS are also subject to and operate within the current Working Time Regulations. So along with 38 days leave this allows for future planning – a year in advance. We enjoy most of the military service benefits such as provision of accommodation, free medical and dental services, along with adventure training opportunities, sports, associations, and clubs.

What follows are some examples of our personnel and a snippet of their life journey to and in the MPGS;

LCpl Green – RN then Army Reservist to MPGS
When I left school at 16 years old, I decided to join the Royal Navy as the option of travelling the world whilst getting paid for it was very appealing at the time. It did not disappoint; I had some great runs ashore and met friends for life that I’m still very much in touch with. 

After 6 years of Service my partner and I decided that we wanted to start a family. I wanted to be a full-time mum, so I made the decision to leave and went on to have two boys.

I got a part time job in retail when the boys went to school, the hours worked well as I would always be there to drop them off and pick them up from school. It wasn’t very challenging though and I was quite bored, so I knew it would not be my ‘forever’ job. In the meantime I joined the Army Reserves.

Unfortunately, I became, a single mum with two children to bring up which left me quite anxious about the future.

I heard about the MPGS through a friend. I got quite excited by the thought of the job because of all the benefits and it was like a snippet of my old life but still being there for my children (perfect). As I was already in the Reserves I was able to simply transfer over to the MPGS. I found the transition to be very quick once I put my papers in.

There was a military unit in my hometown so that was perfect, it meant that I had lots of support regarding childcare with family. This made working shifts a lot easier and I know my roster up to a year in advance as well as knowing I’m not going to deploy anywhere! The 4 days/4 nights and then 4 days off also means I get plenty of quality time with my boys and the 38 days leave a year is very appealing too as I can plan to be off in the school holidays and I don’t feel like I miss out. The move to the MPGS meant that I was entitled to a married quarter, so that was a big weight off my mind knowing I had somewhere to go. The rent is very affordable, which has allowed me to save for a deposit for my own home. 

I have been in the MPGS for a few years now and I’ve reached the age where I’m thirsty to start learning more. This job has lots of opportunities for you to do this and there is plenty of funding available too; bonus! I picked up promotion last year and I feel my own personal development has come on leaps and bounds and I am excited about my future in the MPGS. 

LCpl Koroitukana – Army to MPGS
I initially joined the Army as a Royal Logistic Corps Supplier but after a demanding 12yrs decided to transfer to the MPGS. I now work at an “RAF unit” delivering physical security with an armed capability. The unit is one of the largest establishments in the UK with over 7,000 personnel living and working here and as such is a busy but interesting site with no two days ever the same. 

I transferred to the MPGS because I wanted the ability of choosing a unit and location to serve at for the rest of my career but still having the benefits and advantages of service life. By joining the MPGS I was able to choose locations that benefited me and my family with the added bonus of housing, pension, promotion prospects, free medical and dental care. 

Finally, on a personal note joining the MPGS was a great move for me and my family, working a 4 on 4 off shift pattern means I can now spend more quality time with them and would encourage other service personnel to look into it as a career option after leaving the Armed Forces.

Pte Gurung – Gurkhas to MPGS
I was born and raised in Nepal, educated in India, and always dreamt of joining the British Army. In 2002 I joined my unit in the Gurkhas During my 13 years of service I deployed on multiple Operations in Afghanistan, Bosnia Herzegovina and Kosovo. In 2015 I was unfortunately selected for redundancy on tranche 3 and so reluctantly had to leave.

Whilst in civvy street I worked in various jobs but always felt I was missing something, brotherhood, teamwork and the environment of being a soldier which I always thrived in. As the saying goes “A leopard never changes it spots”. I was never able to let go of my passion for being a soldier.

In 2016 I decided to join the MPGS, “life is about choices; we are what we choose to be” My decision to join the MPGS has been second to none. 

In the MPGS I have met lots of friendly and professional people from all services and cap badges which makes the job far more interesting and fun than you might think. There is a real sense of team ethos with lots of opportunity to promote and develop myself with courses, should I choose to. I have managed to utilise my days off to qualify as a gas engineer. For me the best part is the time off to be with family. I would like to emphasise that a job like MPGS is hard to find and I am lucky to grow old with my family beside me. 

To be considered for a role in the MPGS our criteria for joining includes the following;

A minimum of 3 years prior military service in the regular or reserve forces, 3 SJARS of at least grade B-, a full driving licence with no more than 8 penalty points, be currently serving or left your previous service up to 10 years ago.

The MPGS are recruiting now for sites across the UK. If it’s something you feel you may be interested in then please get in touch;

Email –
Search online “Join MPGS
Social Media – Facebook “MPGS Recruitment

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