The Demand for Tutoring Services is Rising

The Global Private Tutoring market is projected to reach $200 billion by 2026, this is no surprise as we see more and more parents turn to tutoring to supplement their kids’ education.

Tutor Doctor is the fastest growing tutoring franchise in the world. After another successful year, the brand has started the year strong, welcoming 7 new franchisees and 14 locations into the UK network alone. But what do these ambitious professionals all have in common? With a passion for the autonomy of business ownership, each recognised the ever-growing opportunity in the education sector and the ability to make a genuine difference in their own communities.

At Tutor Doctor we’re deeply committed to our mission of changing the trajectory of students’ lives; this is accomplished by utilising a personalised one-to-one tutoring approach that matches students with professional tutors based upon the students’ individual needs. Our approach to education enables any child of any age to get help on any subject – whether they require remedial attention or academic enrichment. 

This ability to instill confidence in students and change their attitudes towards their educational potential is what makes Tutor Doctor stand out. While other supplemental education brands are creating curriculums from standardised best practices, Tutor Doctor is making learning personal in person. The brand’s tutors work with students one-to-one in their homes or online and tailor their educational strategies to each child’s unique set of challenges, strengths and assignments, ensuring that every student receives the exact amount of attention and the type of help that they need to excel. 

Mainstream education is often restricted by education policies, making change a mammoth task to implement. Student needs, driven by global demands for 21st century skills, are far easier to meet with the help of a private tutor. For instance, at Tutor Doctor we’ve seen an increase in demand for our X-Skills program, which focuses on executive functioning skills students need in order to thrive in a 21st century knowledge economy. 

A unique business model, combined with growing demand in the supplemental education industry as a whole, makes it a strong investment opportunity for franchisees. Since the business model isn’t curriculum based, there is no limitation as to where Tutor Doctor locations can open up because students across the globe are all working on their own homework with different pain points that require our help.

Franchisees manage a team of tutors and work closely with families to identify the needs of students. As a successful business owner at the heart of their local community, franchisees help children to achieve their potential and change the trajectory of their lives through education. For a truly bespoke, person-centred service, Tutor Doctor franchisees match students with the right tutor based on personality, learning style and subject matter. Tutors work with students one-to-one, in-home or online, and customise tutoring sessions to the unique needs and interests of the student.

Tutor Doctor has always been committed to going above and beyond to help its network succeed. Once franchisees join the network, they attend an intensive training programme called Road to Home Office Training (HOT) which takes new recruits through the very foundations needed to build a successful tutoring business, including e-learning courses and live training with subject matter experts. Further to this, once training is complete, franchisees work with a business coach on a strict mentoring scheme for the life of their business and have regular regional meetings, webinars and calls with their field support team. The annual conference is also an opportunity to brings the whole network together to learn, celebrate and plan for the future.

The Tutor Doctor opportunity offers a low-risk model with a high ROI. Franchisees can work from home for added flexibility and all tutors work on a self-employed basis so, there’s no need to worry about the usual costly overheads. As a management franchise, a large percentage of franchisees eventually employ a team of staff, including education consultants and admin assistants, giving them more time and freedom to focus on business development and growth.

Collaboration and a real sense of togetherness is just one of the things that sets the Tutor Doctor network apart. The franchise is committed to continuously innovating and improving its educational experience for students, franchise owners and tutors. Last year, Tutor Doctor acquired coding franchise, Code Wiz, added Innovation squads, cross-functional teams that collaborate with franchisees, and enhanced our X-Skills programme to help students build their executive functions. It is also working more closely with schools to supply targeted support for their students who have suffered from the pandemic learning loss.

The past 24 months have presented a challenge, but it didn’t stop the global tutoring franchise adapting and working with clients to provide a vital, seamless service. Tutor Doctor has been able to grow from a development and sales standpoint by prioritising a people-focused approach to business, and as a result, has been able to reach more students and more communities with quality, in-home and online tutoring services. We will continue to improve our services and business model, from the educational experience to the global operations. 

Across the country, more and more people are recognising the benefits of one-to-one tutoring, meaning hotspots of potential customers are simply waiting for franchisees to arrive. As demand for its services continues to rise, so does the opportunity to build a scalable business with Tutor Doctor. In West London, David Boddy tripled the number of his territories, from three to nine, purely to meet growing demand. A business that provides a much-needed solution to an ongoing problem, Tutor Doctor presents a real opportunity for enthusiastic, people-orientated professionals to create a booming business.  

Tutor Doctor is looking for a specific kind of franchisee as it aims to bring those feelings of confidence and high self-esteem to more students across the UK. Owners who find the most success with the brand have a strong desire to build and grow a business, and are excited about the opportunity to be actively involved in their communities. They also want to make a difference in the lives of students and feel passionate about Tutor Doctor’s mission: To change the trajectory of students’ lives.

Investment level: from £33,000
Number of franchises: 81 franchisees/162 franchise units 
Sector: Education 
Year Established: 2000 
Telephone: 0208 1333 525 

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