The Firefly Scheme

• Firefly offers the Naval Service Leaver (those on the trained strength) and individuals who left Regular Service upto 24 Months post Release Date; the opportunity to transfer/join the Maritime Reserve (Royal Naval or Royal Marine Reserves) through swift, straightforward, processes.

• As a Reservist you will be well rewarded for your time, earning extra money, accruing an additional pension and an annual tax free bounty (the current maximum being £1970. 
• There are good opportunities for promotion and continued professional development. 
• Provides you with the chance to remain part of the Navy/Corps Family. 
• Since, its inception in April 2013, Firefly has entered many highly-skilled personnel into the MR.
• Firefly has attracted considerable political, public and media interest and is influencing the size and shape of the Reserve Forces, which are an integral part of the UK’s Defence capability. 

The maximum joining ages are 56 for RNR and 51 for RMR and the many benefits to be had for an annual commitment of just 24 Reserve 

Service Days (RSD) include:
• Good rates of pay 
• A pension and a respectable annual tax-free bounty.
• Opportunities for Full Time Reserve Service (FTRS) and to do more RSD’s (upto 90 with Command approval). 
• For the Service Leavers an initial 2 year harmony period, although, you will still be expected to commit to your annual 24 Reserve Service Days. 
• Excellent Networking opportunities. 

It should be noted that any MR benefits received do not affect any accrued Service pension/s and will also be in addition to any civilian pay/benefits earned.

The Firefly team are regular attenders at the Nationwide CTP Employment Fairs and are willing to travel to brief groups or individuals. 

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