Planning ahead, making resettlement and easy process

Everyone’s military career must sadly come to an end. We leave behind the things we have been our best at and given so much time and effort to and say goodbye to friends and colleagues, who will not be there to support us the way they could previously. Some people will try to hold on until the last safe moment before deciding on what to do next. For others however, they may have already set personal goals, preparing themselves for the next chapter in their lives. Either way the transition from the military is not easy for everyone. Without prior planning, the stress of the unknown can have a negative effect and send you in the wrong direction with no support. 

In the military we are used to working in an environment where planning and support is essential to daily operations, so why then do we do not plan for civilian street, set our goals well before resettlement creeps up on us? to be prepared and ready to enjoy our new venture in a new career. 

Bydand Security Solutions are here to support your transition and empower you on your new career path within the security sector. We want to hear from you before, during and after your resettlement. We’ll ask you to allow us be part of your journey. All Bydand Security Staff are from a military background and understand the process you are about to experience becoming a veteran. Having like-minded people around you can be of immense help to your transition. 

Depending on your military experience, we will guide you towards your next career path. Bydands’ focus is for new industry leaders in the ‘Security Sector’, in particular Close Protection.

So, Who Are Bydand Security?

Bydand Security is a veteran run independent, security company. Providing consultancy services and high-level training to service leavers, Governments, Non-Government Organisations (NGO’s,) Military and Police worldwide. Our specialist services are complimented by our highly trained subject matter experts (SME’s) providing VIP close protection, surveillance, and advisory security services. Bydand work with Highfield Qualifications who are our awarding body to support SIA licence linked qualifications and certification in the security sector. For more information visit or send us an email to organise a meeting with one of our advisors on  

Bydand is an ELCAS Approved Training Organisation 
As a service leaver you may be entitled to enhanced learning credits (ELCs) that support lifelong learning. This scheme supports military members with financial support towards higher learning. Talk to your education staff for more information on this scheme. We look forward to supporting your next step.  

Our Training Venue
Firstly, don’t be scared to travel for good training, the UK is a small country. We are based in the Northeast of Scotland, Gordon Barracks in Bridge of Don, Aberdeen. Bydand chose this unique location because of its history with The Famous ‘Gordon Highlanders’ and the stunning Royal Deeside countryside. The training provides service leavers and veterans alike an enhanced learning experience and environment you will be familiar with. Gordon Barracks provides a degree of seclusion which allows a large part our initial training to be out of the public eye and unimpeded which maximises time dedicated to essential ‘Drills and Skills’. Also, with this being a military base, service members and veterans can benefit from the use of the onsite accommodation, reducing the overall cost of your course. When booking on to a Bydand course ask our staff how to book this accommodation.  

So How Can We Support You? 
Frankly, we can’t support you until you decide on what you would like to do next. What we can do is offer our support that may give you some options to consider, but first and foremost we need to look at your skill set. I think we would all agree, to be the best in what we do we must trust in our training. Great training forms great leadership and great leadership in the security sector saves lives. Knowledge and understanding is the key to success and here at Bydand Security, we believe in supporting your training for you to find meaningful work in the security sector. As a duty of care and commitment to veterans, our staff believe in providing you with only the very best training possible. Therefore, over the last five years we have developed a new, improved and more effective style of training. This style of training is known as blended learning. 

The blended learning approach is the very best method to learn new subjects prior to, or during your resettlement in a small amount of time. While supporting veterans learning with the use of online and face to face training.

Bydand Security have been delivering specialist training for many years and have not yet found a better method that produces higher quality learning outcomes, making you a more attractive employee to your new employer. 

Our blended learning approach integrates high-quality digital content with traditional teaching to provide personalised learning for individual needs.

For Bydand, blended learning is key for our veteran’s progression and personal development. We have all been on courses as part of our military career, some courses are internal and some external. However, have you ever wished you had some prior learning before attending these courses? Nobody likes to go in blind and blended learning gives you the chance to learn new skills online prior to your face-to-face training. We want to prepare you better, we achieve this through accelerated learning that increases knowledge for all learning needs/preferences, helping you to understand the subject and creating life-long learners. 

Our Blended learning program engages with learners and provides personalised education that extends learning beyond traditional training methods. All Bydand training is catered around the security sector.

At Bydand, we believe having a veteran that is well educated and capable is critical to any organisation’s success. Time, money, and energy are invested significantly into training personnel to be safe, knowledgeable, and proficient. The challenge is retaining that learning and ensuring that investment is returned to your employer where; your knowledge and skills acquired should be correctly and swiftly applied.

So why is this so hard to achieve? in our experience, the main problem is that some training fails to engage and motivate learners to acquire, retain and maintain the skills and knowledge taught – made worse by the fact that there is often, little or no follow-up to ensure that training content has been understood and applied correctly once a qualification has been passed.

We at Bydand take training seriously, ensuring only the best results in investment. By applying the principles of our blended learning approach to training, we can increase the success rate from not only the classroom and workplace but to use in your everyday lives as well. There are too many training principles to cover here but let Bydand kick start your accelerated learning journey today. 

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