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Army veteran drives motorsport career to success

In 2010, while serving in Afghanistan, Matt Stringer was injured by two Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) which left him with severe hearing loss. Now, with the help of The Soldiers’ Charity, he has a rewarding second career in motorsport.  Matt […]

The mine action industry, is this the career that you’ve been looking for?

Have you closed the door on your Military career?  Are you looking to pursue new opportunities?  There is extraordinary work currently done to rid countries worldwide of landmines and unexploded ordnance, and the demand for qualified individuals in the Mine […]

Your life-changing adventure starts here

Looking to get back in the work saddle but not sure where to start? A job as a support worker for Norwood could be just the thing to get your nose in front of the pack. If you’ve spent time […]

Why health and safety could be your next career

By the time members of the armed forces have finished their career in the military they have developed an affinity for discipline to the point where it’s become second nature. It’s this approach to everyday life which makes them so […]

“Realistic training makes for the best operatives”

UCP Group employs your already gained military skills to make you the best Domestic UK Bodyguard/Close Protection Opertator and Overseas Armed Private Security Contractor. When it comes to Close Protection you need look no further than UCP.  UCP UK instruct, […]

Forces Recruiting needs you!

The phrase skills gap is often used, some may even say over used, but what does it actually mean? A skills gap is the difference between what an employer wants or needs and the skills that their work force can offer. […]

Looking at a career in the security industry

Looking for a training provider (TP) can be an exhausting exercise.  FACTORS TO CONSIDER WHEN LOOKING FOR A TRAINING PROVIDER Experience: You have to look at the backgrounds of the trainers themselves. Have the trainers got the experience to deliver […]

Logistics, a career that keeps moving forwards

For those seeking a career after leaving the armed forces, many will be unaware of a sector which is at the heart of the UK’s economy, and which offers great career progression and variety to those leaving the services with […]

Veterans are more likely to find work

This is according to a major new study released by the Veterans Work consortium, reveals that military service is likely to improve your chances of finding employment. The report, titled ‘Veterans Work: Moving On’, surveyed 1,786 UK veterans who had […]

Since opening in 2001 we have sold over 22,000 cars, saving in excess of £60 million for our customers

Forces Cars Direct, a car sales business based in Lincoln, address the importance of adequate support for service leavers and what they aim to do as a business to give back to current and retired service people and their families. […]

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