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3d printing for military applications

3D printing can be very versatile. In recent years the usage of 3D printing has grown with the market industry being valued at 13.7 billion USD. The US Is the world’s biggest global consumer of 3D printers with the UK […]

Mobility Equipment Training

In 2018 m.E.T.C. Ltd mobility equipment training centre opened their doors. The founder, Steve Whitmore, an army veteran, was trained as a Chieftain Tank Commander, Physical Training Instructor, Unarmed Combat Instructor and 12yrs as Regimental Signals Instructor. Steve has now […]

CNet Training, Trusted Resettlement and Ex-forces Education

25 Years of Delivering Technical Education to the Armed Forces CNet Training is proud to be The Global Leader of Technical Education for the Digital Infrastructure Industry. This year CNet celebrates 25 years of delivering high quality professional and effective […]

Why should your next career move be 3D printing?

3D printing (or additive manufacturing) is currently the fastest growing manufacturing sector on the planet.  In 2020 the 3D printing market was valued at USD 13.7 billion, by 2026, this figure is predicted to rise to over 63 billion. The UK […]

Leaving the Armed Forces?

If you are leaving the Armed Forces and thinking about your career options then why not consider a career in the utilities sector? You have a choice of career options available to you in the gas and electrical sectors  Career Choices […]

Engineering Heroes, the women running the world

As we look forward to celebrating International Women In Engineering Day on 23rd June, we’re featuring some of the engineering teams whose work has kept the world running over the last year. We’ll also be examining why there aren’t more […]

Five reasons why you should sign up to JobOppo today

Thinking about leaving the Military, considering a career change or know someone transitioning who needs extra support? Repeat after us. JobOppO. Navigating the Military to civilian transition can feel overwhelming at times. But, it shouldn’t be. There’s an exciting new chapter waiting to […]

Are you thinking about the future? We are too

Atkins is working with the Armed Forces to solve complex challenges. Dave Clark, who leads the company’s Aerospace and Defence businesses, explains why that relationship matters now, and why it will become even more important in the future. ATKINS’ SUPPORT FOR […]

The best time to leave

We are often asked if there is a ‘best time’ to leave the Armed Forces.  The answer is ‘yes’ and, in this article, Mary Petley of the Forces Pension Society sets out the key pension-related factors to consider – they […]

Protecting others, a safe career choice

Protecting people from harm is the safety and health specialist’s purpose.  From large infrastructure projects and deep sea mining to crowd control and fire safety, it’s a role that has become absolutely integral to business and wider society. And it’s […]

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